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  1. In the Magna it doesn't state his background either I would love to know more about him cause it would be awesome to know !! it would be great for my podcast and fanfic
  2. Helloooo everyone need some opinions ideas etc. On mayuri kurotsuchi, what do you think his backstory was?? What do you think of him? Hate,love him??
  3. Hello!! Everyone! Im new to this But I am Anime /Manga Fan I also have a Fanfic story on Wattpad and I also have a Podcast as well you can always ask me to talk about topics and you can even join in would love to hear from you guys! it will help me out ALOT! so Please share to Pod listen and enjoy talk to me share and share your views!!!! can't wait to hear from you guys!!!!! links down below Check out my profile on Wattpad, I'm Check out my profile on Wattpad, I'm 《link removed》 email: [email protected] Insta: nattyisthebest Snap: Na
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