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  1. I think I've seen pretty much 9 out 10 movies you guys just mentioned. are anime movies that rare? and mostly these days if you have seen the anime franchise, you shouldn't watch the films till then. Ironically I admit that what drove me to make this thread was watching non non biyori vacation after watching both seasons and it was a blast so I thought watch more anime movies like kimi no nawa, etc. but still I've pretty much seen all these
  2. hi that's I too hit the bullet. I'm learning Japanese. but I've already hit some roadblocks: Japanese Tutorials: they don't teach you how to write in Japanese. take a Japanese letter in Japanese noun for example : Kon'nichiwa: こんにちは how do I write this? take one of the letters for example ん how am I supposed to write it. do I start at the bottom, above? is it left to right or right to left? I've exhausted the google search (with my bad English ) and I can't find the answer. if I could find like a YouTube Playlist with writing in Japanese in mind, that would help me a lot. do you guys know where I can learn how to properly write in Japanese? PS: also is there also an app for this? Japanese light novels: I read novels and trying to read a novel in Japanese would help a lot so I google searched "top japanese light novels" and this was the first link!!! when wrote light novel I meant a novel that is easy to read, not a novel that's about to become an anime!!! just some light reading, that's what I meant. I had no Idea in Japan these are considered light novels (don't get me wrong, now that I've figured that out I can't stop thinking about reading them, but first let's learn japanese by reading an easy to read novel first) where can I find light readings?
  3. come on guys let's keep it going! for example I love slice of life anime any more recommendations let's at least make 2 pages from this thread!!!
  4. the more the merrier. give me the best you've got.
  5. Thank you. That's It. Now I can finish the second season. Yay
  6. what's the name of the anime that the children in the orphanage figure out they are livestock for the deamons and try to escape?
  7. wow I really didn't think I'd get this many suggestions. I don't have the space to watch them all!!! numerically which ones you'd recommend?? thanx for the replies.
  8. oh no that's not echii, I requested the name as the title says: ANOTHER ANIME i don't remember. but definitly watch it. it truly a comedy
  9. found the name of second request myself, after a lot of memory training Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa
  10. hi I've watched kill la kill and Prison School recently and was wondering if you guys know a good ecchi anime like those. thanx PS: I'm also looking for this anime: story of a middle-aged man who is the number 2 manager in an evil company and his boss has ordered him to create the most diabolical game.
  11. which non non biyori release did you like the most?
  12. many thanx again you were right. I just logged in to say I figured out Raking of Kings. again many thanx.
  13. before I lost all the data on my hdd I had two anime I was watching: 1. about a young girl that was chosen to help yokai and had only one eye and one leg. once she helped solve a case that was troubling a very big snake. 2.the story of a deaf prince that wasn't chosen to be the next king against the rules and decides to travel. that's as far I watched them. do you know the name of these anime ???
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