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  1. Death


    Glad your finally accepting Death, John.
  2. Death


    Thanks! Thanks, I found it a while ago Thanks! Hope to see you around also!
  3. One of the first Anime I have ever watched I can remember would be DBZ. I still like it but haven't bothered watching the new one.
  4. Hello. I don't go by any specific name so call me what ever you want. I am 17 years old currently in 12th grade. I've been watching Anime for a while now and have watched a good 200 or so. I'm on quite a few forums besides this one all full of weebs but have stopped going on a few so I joined this one. I haven't watched much Anime in the past month or so since I am joining the Army so yeah. I hope to meet some cool people and have some fun
  5. Time is ticking, passing; life is ending, fading.

    1. Belgrade_assassin


      Well I've never thought I'd say this but welcome @[1706:Death] !

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