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  1. Took a glance at Wonder Egg Priority: looks like my kind of thing. Thanks for the suggestion
  2. Hearing a lot of good stuff about Jujutsu Kaisen. Never heard of Wonder Egg Priority though. Will have a look at that one. Thanks Ohayotaku :)
  3. T-sHz91

    Kami no Tou

    Before I start getting into the show, I have not read the webtoons the anime is based on. Animation's pretty awesome with fast-moving fight scenes and a distinct bold art style. Will be honest: to me, Bam was so bland and uninteresting due to his lack of personality, but Khun and Rak I think made up for that. Soundtrack is decent and the finale (last couple of episodes) was by far the best part of the series: it left the story on such an open/cliffhanger note, it made me want a second series. Not many shows have done that for me, which is good. Overall, was middling for me
  4. Hi. Madoka Magica is on my Netflix list. Will probably watch that soon. Thanks for the recommendation though Haven't watched many shows about magical girls. I have watched Magical Girl Ore though: it was quite funny but weird. IDM is an acquired taste. It's like EDM if it just went crazy. Aphex Twin is probably the most popular IDM Artist. His album Drukqs is one of my favourites. Thanks for welcoming me
  5. Here is my list (should work): T-sHz's Anime List - MyAnimeList.net
  6. Been watching the show since day one. I like the range of different characters, and when the animation is good, it's pretty damn good in a studio trigger kind of way. Same goes for the main stories once they get going, and the showdowns between the crucial antagonists are cool. I do agree that Asta can be grating at times, some of the animation (keyframes and character models) can also look kinda weird and off, and (just like any long running show) there's plenty of filler. However, despite this, I do like Black Clover quite a lot Shame if it does get cancelled: hopefully not
  7. Hi. Name's Adam. Been watching anime for a little while now, but don't have many family or friends who like that kind of thing. So, thought I would try this place. I like mainly action/shoujo anime, such as Jojo, Attack on Titan, Dragonball Z and One Punch Man. Have read tiny bit of the OPM manga but not much else tbh. I also love video games and playing a few atm. Forza 7, Anthem, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Batman Telltale Series, Hyrule Warriors and so on. Music taste is varied, but I'd say IDM and rock are my cup of tea. Oh yeah, I'm from the UK . So yeah, feel free to s
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