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    Lupin the third, Mob Psycho 100, one punch man, hajime no Ippo, and cowboy bebop.


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  1. the first anime i watched was probably sailor moon, or dragon ball z.
  2. I think my first game might have been pokemon yellow.
  3. Shojo


    Thank you, for your warm welcome. From what i seen from this place so far, i think i might stay. it seems like a nice community. i have never heard of either series, but they sound interesting. i will definitely give both a look. thanks!
  4. Hello, my name is Shojo. I am new to this whole forum business. I've been a Fan of anime for a long time (10+ years), and I am interested in meeting other people with same interests. my favorite anime series are Lupin the third series two, Jojo's bizarre adventure, Cowboy bebop, and detective Conan. I am currently reading/ rereading one punch man, mob psycho 100, and Yu Yu Hakusho. I like to watch/ read series that are about crime, I am a sucker for fictional romance, and suspense. I guess that is all for now!
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