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  1. I've been around for a month but, yet, haven't made a proper introduction -Call me Soda or Raine. I am female and SE Asian. Age 17. English is my 3rd Language -I like Mechs, Mystery and Shonen animes. -I like reading, writing, illustrating, gaming and studying. Also to watch animes and vtubers -I play guitar. Hope to be acquainted with y'all.
  2. I think you can start with the mainstream ones. Go on and start with a MAL (My Anime Lists) account and see the recommended animes in different genres that are shown on the lists.
  3. i grow up in my auntie's household. had cousins treating me like their big sister. and with my furry babies, lovely cats. but just last 5 years, i finally got to be with my Mom. we were apart. she was working at the capital region. only gone home once a year because don't have my father anymore. She has decent job of course, until now at pandemic times. So, even though I've never experienced having a complete fam, got good natured ppl around me.
  4. noice, ppls here are edgy! I also listen to JROCK and Western Rock XD but mostly mainstream.
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