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  1. Lately I've been going through old forums I used to be a part of but everything is so semi-dead. Well, happy new year anyway.

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    2. Teru


      Hello there,

      It's nice seeing another person while I'm still online. In some of the places I went back to I got no answers, nothing. Do you know if some old people are still around, and if not, who's the new group of people?


      Ah, and another thing. Do you know if the chat is gone?

    3. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      Alright. So yeah there are still people around who have been active for quite some while (Ohiotaku, Xyro (think he changed his name), efaardvark, Keiko, Wedgy, XII360, Kohloo, Lelouch, Sanguine Tear shows up sometimes, and some others) (no particular order 😂).
      New people who are more active recently, well let's see, apart from myself, there is Envious Envy, Ryan, Nova, Seshi, The History Kid, IIVIsouljam and more recently TV-Crimes. I think if you re-introduce yourself you will get replies from those who are still active 😂

      And live chat, I asked about that but Optic said he doesn't want one until there are more active users.

    4. Teru


      Damn you Optic, it was so nice. Alright then, you helped a lot. I'll try to be more active from now on until I'm used to the place again. Thanks again.

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