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  1. thank you .....I'm actually looking to delete this coz I didnt know I could add more to the post even after accidentally pressing submit, thats why its incomplete...so I made another post that was complete and I hoped they wouldnt allow this to post......I have noo idea on how to delete this tho soo now its an embarrassing stain on my record..........until I figure out how to delete it
  2. Internet issue maybe? try reentering your wifi info if possible try signing your tv out of your netflix (if you cant do it from the tv I think you can do it from your phone just sign out of all devices from account settings) and reenter after unplugging your tv for awhile ...get a new tv?
  3. Hey you're fine.... I only thought I did something wrong lol Ooo I actually loved that series but I can't watch it again for some reason lol.... I also couldn't get into index...but that was when I was in highschool Maybe I'll try index again soon
  4. https://memestatic1.fjcdn.com/comments/Meanwhile+in+another+anime+_cd7137901ce3d3d71c81eba5de0e1659.jpg
  5. anyone seen the Trollhunters series? it's on netflix. One of my recent favorite non anime
  6. [She/her] I've been an anime fan since I was 15! Only when I turned 24 was I confident enough to watch anime infront of my parents pfft. I despise Harems but if the story is good enough then I might just overlook it...sike... anime school harems need to die out yesterday! I am a passionate hater of "The irregular at magical Highschool" I will never pass the chance to throw that anime in the trash, take it out, grind it in old banana slush then flush it down the toilet! I dont care if they're not blood related that shet was nasty! shutting his brain off just coz he saw her in her underwear, which was completely her fault btw, is NOT CUTE! what a complete waste of an action anime I got carried away and pressed the wrong button! someone tell me how to delete a forum! oh and NICE TO MEET YALL! I'm learning Japanese for fun before I move on to Korean anyone wanna gimme tips on how to do that more efficiently? ooooooooo it merges?! noice!!! if only they could allow me to edit hmph!
  7. [she/her] been watching anime since I was 15! only when I turned 24 was I confident enough to
  8. *spoiler alert* sorry I needed to rant, if you've seen the anime and agree let me know. If you haven't and you read this anyway then let me know what other anime made you feel like dragging your brain on hot pavement .
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