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Here are my favorite main characters in anime.

Main Characters by  - free online collage maker


Top: Araragi Koyomi (Kizumonogatari). His character was always weird, but the Monogatari's third season made me appreciate who he really was: a confused, emotional kid who's just trying his best with what he's given.

Right: Hikigaya Hachiman (OreGairu). He was cynically relatable in season one, but his development in season two is what made me appreciate OreGairu as a story with more beneath the surface.

Bottom: Shouya Ishida (A Silent Voice). Everyone makes mistakes, but putting those regrettable moments in the forefront lets us really know Shouya personally. I felt a lot of pangs watching A Silent Voice, thinking about my own past actions.

Left: Phosphophyllite (Land of the Lustrous). Poor gem. I won't say anymore because of spoilers, but everyone I know that has finished Land of the Lustrous has agreed with me that the show makes you like Phos. 

These collages are really easy to make. I'm excited to see what you guys have in mind. These collages can be about anything: your favorite anime, your favorite main characters, your favorite love interest, anything!

Here's the website that I used to make mine. Have fun!

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