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  1. Hello everyone How are you on this fine day? Lets chat in Haiku ~~The rhyming pattern for Haiku is 5-7- then 5~~
  2. 10/10 for this season. I think I've got up 1 point for each season so far Slowly becoming a fangirl.
  3. If you haven't seen Overlord yet, id definitely recommend. Along the same lines as HxH is Yuu yuu hakusho but its an older anime so may not be your thing. Its made by the same author so you'll see similarities.
  4. I ended up dropping my score from a 9/10 in early eps to an 8/10 in the end, simply because the ridiculous amount of one sidedness to the skill distribution. Sort of became gimmicky rather than the pure fun that it started out to be.
  5. Nice cosplay. Maybe try Izumi from FMA? Shes the only dredded chara I can think of rn.
  6. Heres the PV for Fruits Basket 2 Looks so good-Hype Hype
  7. I've watched the 1917 anime Namakura Gatana and it was definitely good for its time. I have heard that the characterizations were made the way they were to enable expression to be seen better due to the absence of audio in the film. So although the characters arent the most pleasing to see, it does have its own charm. One of the characters actually reminds me of Beowulf, a kind of grotesque looking ogre that I would see in that fantastic tale. Another anime I plan to watch among the oldest in recorded history is Kobutori which I think has an interesting premise.
  8. Hello again, my fellow anime fans and welcome to this years Spring AF art contest - A Reverse Isekai Challenge! This fun contest is all about bringing your favorite anime characters into your world, instead of you going into theirs. With this in mind, all you have to do is pick a character that you wouldn't normally see in our modern clothes or perhaps a school uniform, and draw them in one instead of their usual outfit. Lets see what we can come up with! If you'd like to participate, do so by replying to this thread with your entry no later than April 15th. This will be a community voted event. The community will vote 1 winning entry to be featured for the remainder of Spring in the art block. 2020 Spring Art Contest Participation badges will be awarded for each participant and can be showcased with the rest of your awards and trophies on your profile. Feel free to discuss this contest and your decision making process in this thread as well. Lets all have fun~
  9. Im gonna 2nd Psycho Pass & Kurau Phantom memory. Good luck on your search for anime
  10. @Owl I just watched ep 23
  11. Fruits Basket 2nd Season is almost here! Premier date is April 6th. Looking forward to watching with you all again
  12. Anyone else finding it odd that this is an mmo game with like 5 times the number of girl to guy players
  13. Another case of anime with potential that just blew it
  14. Yea, did u see the comments at the end? "She should just become the final boss"
  15. I know there are some Bananafish fans here, but I dropped it due to the sad nature of the show.
  16. Seshi


    If you want to respond in a thread to a specific members post, you use the "quote" button. If you'd like to respond to them privately then you can do that using the forums messaging system. From a users profile or by clicking the message box at the top and searching the specific user. Anyway~ welcome to our community. I too have been fortunate enough to see HxH and lived for the chimera ant arc. It was so good.
  17. If I recall correctly Fruits Basket was only nominated for best drama, when it could have easily been best fantasy imo. Season 2 having yet to show the full depth of what drama is in store for furuba means it could be a candidate to win that category in the future. You said it was limited @Ohiotaku should there have been more categories to include in nominations?
  18. I havent jumped on the Isekai quartet bandwagon, but you never know, things could pick up for them in the later half. For example, what if they are purposefully leaving Naofumi out to play on that aspect of his character who will go crazy from being wrongly excluded
  19. Never seen anyone who matched my rating for SAO. Respect.
  20. Crunchyroll shared the anime of the year results here. IMO Vinland was rightfully best drama, and I am so glad it won at least one category. I was thrown off to see best protag was won from Dr. Stone when I couldn't stand to watch it DUE to the cringey characters. And my favorite Shield won a couple categories: Best girl and best VA for Naofumi's character, and I couldn't be more proud. What are your thoughts about them?
  21. Thats wonderful news to me. But im feeling down about Dendrogram turning out to be a letdown. At least Bofuri has been going good. I look forward to that one the most every week.
  22. Seshi

    Weird Girl

    This story was really moving. Thank you for sharing it. I want to know more about the conspiracy but I'll accept that its a mystery if thats what you intend.
  23. Cooking is just a hobby to me, I don't give it a lot of time and often forget how I made a recipe that I really did well. I want to start this thread to help me remember some of the things I tried and liked or didnt like. As well as what I did or didnt do well. Feel free to share your thoughts on these as well as your own recipes or favorites from the web~ Today I was craving rice, so I decided to learn how to make onigiri. The technique may seem straightforward but actually its got some nuances that you wouldn't think of (if you are just a casual creator like me). One of them being that you salt your hands in order to preserve the rice for a longer term, as rice will get hard in refrigerator so salting allows them to keep for longer at room temp or in a bento. Source I didn't end up making these today, instead I made some bibimbap with ingredients I had on hand. The meat substitute was one that became too salty in the marinade so it wasn't as enjoyable as ones I've made in the past. I also forgot to fry an egg... So that was a major disappointment, as the egg goes so well with all the flavors in this dish. Sesame, spinach, soy, and hot pepper paste (gochujang).
  24. @installed this thread is closed to entries. The event ended on Feb. 14th. I have locked this thread to further replies. If you missed this event, keep an eye out for other upcoming events. They will be coming soon.

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