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  1. Seshi

    Anime Chit Chat

    I’m not sure I’ll continue One Piece. I stopped right after Luffy entered the Grand Line. For some reason the show lost its appeal after a while.
  2. Seshi

    Anime Chit Chat

    I love introducing friends irl to my fav anime. It’s probably the best incentive for owning the DVDs. The reason I never finished monster is because I somehow lost the 3rd disk...
  3. Seshi


    @Nono Dane cooks “car alarm” is still stuck in my head til this day..
  4. Seshi


    Boaz and Eve ❤️ I adopted them from a shelter in 2013. First I got Eve, then she seemed lonely when I was gone, so I got Boaz about a month after (they are siblings). They hates each other from day 1 🤣 opps
  5. Why isn’t spear hero’s dragon in the wave battle? Filo is awesome
  6. Ok well if you insist 😉 I’ll take some before it’s all gone. Just finished a nice cup of tea. What are you up to @brycec
  7. Do you know what your Chinese zodiac is? I loved the storytelling from Fruits Basket that describes the banquet legend of the order of the animals arriving to the party. I’m the year of the Horse. There’s all kinds of compatabilities related to Chinese Zodiacs. I like to see what year my friends are. So far it’s been true to the myth. Mind sharing yours? And what traits you share with your animal? Mine: These Horses are kind and positive. They are too straightforward and blunt at times, hurting others without realizing. They place great value on love and need a partner that can tolerate their faults. Compatible with Goat, Tiger & Dog
  8. That’s sweet. I was really hoping to get some of that cake to go with my ☕️ I would be on a busier forum, but I like y’all best.
  9. Make an Anime Synopsis in the worst possible way.. then we will try to guess what anime you’re describing. Loads of people try to kill a skinny perv who escapes their every attempt, while two weird girls follow the perv (for whatever reason)? It’s their job. 🙄
  10. Seshi

    Anime Chit Chat

    Hey guys, I wanted a place to discuss random anime thoughts that came to mind but didn’t have their own thread. So here goes, anime Chit Chat. Let’s see if we can keep this thread going. I’ve watched a lot of anime over the years and tend to rewatch anime here and there. Anyone else do this? Anyway it tends to make for random thoughts in the middle of the night 🤣 So this thread should be useful at least a little. I really need to get around to finishing “Monster” that series was on point.
  11. So April 1st is ever approaching, and if you’re like me, you’ll probably forget what day it is and miss out (again) on doing some awesome pranking!!! Let’s not miss out this year! Share some pranks you’ve succeeded in doing, or you’re about to do come April fools, or leading up to the 1st. Keep us posted on how it goes. Pics or it didn’t happen! 😂 Yesterday I got payback on my hubby in the form of a surprise pudding.
  12. I haven’t met Wicked.. what’s up
  13. I miss childhood. It was so much easier to make friends back then.. just walk next door & ask if anyone could come out and play. We had good times & bad times, but even through the bad times my spirit was never crushed. I guess my mom did a pretty good job raising me to be confident and independent
  14. Samurai X Trust & Betrayal Rising of the Shield Hero
  15. Granted, but you have to move to Japan 😉 I wish I never feelt pain because I’ve overcome every adversity by biological evolution
  16. I feel sick 😷 but all I want to do is eat doughnuts
  17. Hey Gemz, welcome to AF
  18. Did you just have a super cute Botan profile pic?

    I forgot to say I LOVED it 🥰

    1. ArchieKun


      I still have it just wasn't over my Madoka Magica phase just yet thought I was.

    2. Seshi


      Ok as long as it’s just a phase I forgive you 😉😜

  19. Well just as Naofumis party is making him stronger and keeping him in check, Soear hero is being influenced by his party. He allows it, he should have been able to see through that princess by now, but his love of women is blinding him.
  20. Seshi


    Your face 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You need exercise 🤣🤣 she killed it
  21. Seshi


    You can put some in. It’s not “my” thread. I personally love this one Yes those were great too
  22. @HanaApril One day when our family can afford to I intend on learning Japanese swordsmanship. It’s so badass.
  23. Seshi


    Here’s something I love watching many times over... Still funny
  24. @Crevanille It’s not something I’m saying everyone should do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t be able to pull off stopping a strong aggressor without killing them, but I myself have done so in the past, and could probably do it again in the future. Again, just speaking from my experience and perspective on MYSELF.
  25. @Ohiotaku also because Filo ingested the shard from the dragon, the same shard Naofumi fed to the shield. Before wave they need to aim to get their status upgrades. Especially the sword, spear and arrow.. Why were they so weak? Weren’t they several levels higher than the shield?
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