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There are so many words in this world, yet none of them seem to fit
So many ways to describe your face, but I still can't quite convey it ...
I've tried so many times to write words and write rhymes that could express
But nothing I could ever say or write would ever rightly address
That which is so beautiful, like a moonlight shadow on the water's reflection
Clear as glass and still as ice, a beauty so untouched by time's infection
No, no words in my mind or in ink on paper could ever rightly do
Justice to that look of peace that stills my heart and cuts right through
Like a sliver of sunshine shining through all the dark, bitterness and grey
So beautiful, like a summer's day, now what else could I ever say?
Oh, much more, so much more but I fear I find myself so dumb
For I cannot but write that which is seemingly static and numb ...
For as I've said, in my word and my head, I cannot write your angelic grace
For everything I have ever seen or said, cannot depict you nor your face
For when one looks upon an angel, they cannot speak of what they've seen
And when one looks upon your beauty, they cannot find words to depict that scene
For I could spend my entire life writing strings of words both real and fantasy
But still, I fear, I would not find a way to truly depict your beautiful majesty ...

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