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Moment of Peace.

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Moment of Peace


Reality gives way to fantasy
I can be everything I want to be
And in this moment there is safety
In the space that hides inside reality

Not everything is always as it seems
Sometimes happiness is only found in dreams
Sometimes safety is found inside of the screens
And almost always that is where my heart leans

Evading reality like the black plague
Diving in deeper 'til my heart starts to drag
But it brings me such peace, I can't raise the flag
No white colours waving, on the branches they snag

"Sensory overload!" my mind starts to shout
Too much time spent in reality, I need to get out
So I turn away again to return to my hideout
Where I am free in the space between reality's roundabout

A million miles away somebody says my name
Somebody sees my face and somebody knows my pain
A million miles away somebody plays the game
That leaves me smiling ear-to-ear as I do it all again 

Detaching from reality I find a moment of peace
Suddenly all my insides start to increase
My lungs coughing up blood create a masterpiece
And I don't bother wondering when it will cease

I have safety in my land of fake friends and memories
And these moments give way to momentary remedies
So I'll wear these smiles like their my accessories
And when I return to reality? They'll go in the treasuries.

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