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Survey about your favorite anime

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So our teacher in our Japanese elective class gave us a project to make a survey for people who watch anime

The intro is wrong, actually we're not only surveying high school students, this is open for everyone :>>>


So uhhh the translation is:

1. What is your favorite anime?
2. Why is that your favorite anime?
3. What anime genres do you like?
4. How often do you watch anime?
5. What did you learn from watching anime?

Thank you!!! 

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I couldn't really put in my full answers for some of them, so I guess I'll go into more detail here.  (I wanted to chose several genres XD)


1) If I had to choose, Cowboy Bebop. I can (and have) watched this over and over. Full Metal Alchemist is another, but it's longer, and there's two series, so I decided not to pick that one :)


2) Fluid animation; fantastic  character development and design; phenomenal sound track; good combo of comedy, drama, and action; solid story and world building.


3) Action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, magic, supernatural, horror, mystery, psychological, & sci-fi.


4) I actually watch less than a day. Even when I was heavy into anime, I watch it in spurts :/ Like several in a day, then weeks without it XD


5) I've learned a lot about framing, a little bit about historical events in some animes, pacing, and I've picked up a few words and phrases from anime. Also it's taught me about various different stylistic choices (I'm looking at it more from...learning about the technical stuff XD) I'm sure there's other stuff that I've actually learned, like fact-wise, but I tend to take all fiction with a grain of salt :3



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1. Jojos Bizarre Adventure, One Piece, and Gintama

2. Their worlds are just crazy and unique and they all seem like one of kind anime to me. 

3. It doesn't really matter to me as long as the story and characters are enjoyable.

4. The shortest is one episode to 9 or ten episodes. 

5.  What I learned from anime is that friends are important to have and always know your true friends from the others. Also to always solve your problems with illogical violence.

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