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  1. I saw that Redbone song on the previous page, and it made me want to hear some Jim Pepper XD Also, I LOVE this band XD Annnnnnnd probably my favorite band of all time right now (no, they don't supplant The Beatles, but they're amazing XD)
  2. Mom got my ears pierced the first time when I was fairly young. I think I wanted them really bad, probably because I wanted to do everything my sister did and rarely got to XD Got my lobes pierced in both ears again in High School to support one of my friends who was a bit timid to get them, but really wanted 'em. I like the way they look. Had the cartilage pierced in college, but to be honest, it kept getting infected and I got fed up and let them heal. I have one tattoo, and it has meaning to me. It is just the character for "dragon" (yes, I know it was the right Kanji), colored blue. I chose a Kanji because I was studying Japanese and had been a fan of anime and interested in the culture anyway for years. I chose "dragon" because I've always been a fan of fantasy (especially dragons), and blue for my favorite colors. If ya couldn't tell by my pseudonym, I like blue dragons XD I got this when I was...19? Maybe 20. I was in college. I do not regret it at 38 (I also take care of it, and have it on my shoulder where it wouldn't interfere with my jobs). It still looks pretty good The Red Green Show was funny! XD I was so glad PBS aired that show XD Can't say I watched every episode, but it was always good for a laugh.
  3. XD Lol, wow. I did not realize there was a limit to reactions here XD I don't dip in a lot, so I was trying to get caught up on the music thread and uh...yeah got told I reached my reaction limit XD LOL. Guess I'll have to finish another time XD My contributions: Warning, flashing lights: Not sure if I picked this song up here, Discord, or as a suggestion from Youtube, but I dig it.
  4. Some of these are gonna be a bit dated, since I haven't been able to get to a library lately 1. Full Metal Alchemist 2. Sailor Moon 3. Rg Veda 4. Magic Knight Rayearth (both series) 5. Saiyuki (all series, though I need to read Gunlock) 6. Flipside (this is by a dude in the US, but it's in the manga style. It's also a web comic, but he prints it and I buy it every time) 7. Shirahime-syo 8. Revolutionary Girl Utena 9. Van Von Hunter (another US based manga. I am sad they stopped writing this Still hold up XD) 10. Inu Yasha There's a lot of CLAMP on this list XD I loved XXXHolic, too, but I never got to finish it
  5. For Christmas Mom got me a copy of First Person Singular, so I'm over halfway through it. Pretty good. I can't say I like it more than After Dark or The Elephant Vanishes (both of the short story books are really frickin' good), but it's got me thinking about memory and stuff like that.
  6. Did you end up watching it? I started it a while back, but by the time the pandemic hit full force, having known where things were going, I got a little too depressed to finish it XD I want to go back, because honestly the episodes I saw were good. I went into the show thinking it was going to be a crappy cash grab, but it was actually well thought out and I wanted to finish it (just didn't have it in me at the time). Sorry for like...the stupidly delayed response. 2021 was a very...very bad year at our place (not getting into it, but lots of trips to the hospital, which was a place we wanted to avoid D:)
  7. Me, too! I loved it when I was young! I remember searching for a hard copy of it for a long time, and finally finding it at like a Game Stop in a neon green VHS case XD Then finally it came out on DVD. I was stoked :3 There was so much thought put into the world, right down to the music! It's impressive how large of a world was created Such amazing work, and all hand made.
  8. Juggling a couple books (I need to free up some time D:) The Drawing Lesson, Mark Crilley (it's mostly basics, but I love this dude's tutorials and support him whenever I can. It's a cute book. Would be good for beginner artists) What the Hell Did I Just Read?, David Wong (Sequel to John Dies at the End) The Metamorphosis and other Stories, Franz Kafka (this is a re-read...and I am slowly plodding through)
  9. Childhood Nostalgia (man, Ohayotaku hit a lot of my favs XD) The Hobbit/The Return of the King (Rankin & Bass) The Lord of the Rings (Bakshi) The Never Ending Story Flight of Dragons Faeries (this is incredibly hard to find, it's based on Brian Froud/Alan Lee/David Day--I think Day helped--book) Wind in the Willows (animated) Labyrinth The Dark Crystal Teens: Up in Smoke Wizards Hair Rocky Horror Picture Show (before everyone in college over watched it) Easy Rider Vampire Hunter D (both films) Darkside Blues Dark City Ninja Scroll Clerks (well, most of the Jay & Silent Bob, but Clerks in particular) LOTR Trilogy
  10. Re-watched Crimson Peak for Halloween and They Live (wow, does that hit differently since 2020). Dune was pretty good. The film makers at least took the film seriously, and it wasn't filled with a bunch of jokes (I am still scarred from Star Wars. The whole franchise has just been ruined for me, which kinda p*sses me off since I was so fond of it as a kid). A few diversions from the book, but I mean, it's a massive book so that' to be expected. Overall, I enjoyed it. I hope Part 2 pulls through. It would be nice to see at least the first three books made into films (spoilers) It was also nice my partner's coworkers chipped in to rent the 30 seat theater, and only 10 people showed up. So we only had to pay $10 apiece for tickets, and were no where near anyone else in the theater, which I was paranoid about.
  11. I personally wouldn't be offended. Everyone has stuff they're into. I have friends who absolutely love Big Bang Theory and sitcoms...but I personally am not a fan of most sitcoms. So...I guess I view it, we all have our own taste. I'd hate for them to be offended because I don't like sitcoms XD But I will say, most of the people I've personally known who say they don't like anime have a very limited scope of what anime is. I've found with my friends who enjoy animation, if I find something that fits into a genre of shows they like, they'll usually end up liking it, and realizing that anime is not just Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z (not a slant to those shows, but a lot of my generation things that all anime is what they saw on toonami XD). My partner used to say he didn't like anime. But his experience of anime was very...limited XD So I found some shows he'd probably like based on what anime he was willing to watch (Cowboy Bebop, Champloo...basically Watanabe shows XD). I find, usually if someone is judging an entire industry, it's because their experience with said industry is not very deep. Now he'll watch like Space Dandy, JoJo's, FMA, and Paprika, and other kinda strangely skewed animes XD I figured out his taste and what he likes in shows :3 Buuuuut that said, some people just don't like animation. And that's fine.
  12. Got this from a cookbook I use (I love it when cookbooks include music suggestions XD) Heard this on the local jazz station the other day This was either on Reddit or suggested in Youtube
  13. This...this had me laughing so hard XD XD The frickin' tempo changes at the end XD Whoever is singing the chorus definitely sounds like they're trying to mimic Bowie XD XD
  14. Can't remember how I stumbled upon this band, but now I want a vinyl of their album XD (or..I'd take a CD, too).
  15. I can't wait to play Planescape Torment. Right now I'm playing Disco Elysium, and the creator was very, very heavily influenced by it PT. But I'm taking my time with DE, because it's a lot of fun, and I think I'm getting close to end game. That, or an act end. It's frickin' great. I was playing Hollow Knight, but as the year moved forward, it got me more and more depressed. Too close to home for this year Plus it's hard! I need to finish up some side quests so I can beat the boss, but....Imma wait until things look a little better in real life.
  16. The new updates were kinda cool. There's a new character you can get if you build in the right location. My friends and I have been playing it master mode...but we kinda petered out a bit (I mean, I can build all day, but we have a friend who's only goal in a game is smash and play bosses Soooooo....it kinda made it not fun, since he was always rushing everyone o_O But I still like to dip in and build random things all over XD And collect the gem animal *O*
  17. Hm...not sure if it counts as shonen ai, but I really enjoyed The Cain Saga (which features the God Child series) by Kaori Yuki. It's very Gothic (set in Victorian England) and starts as kind of a murder mystery series, but gets really weird with God Child. There's no sex, but there's hints at it in various places. Word of warning: it is a dark historical fantasy, so it's not a happy go lucky rom com. It's a manga, not an anime (I don't think they ever made an anime of it). Uh...other than that Judith Park did a shonen ai I enjoyed (or the Korean/European equivalent) called Y Square (am I dating myself). I think there was a sequel, too. It's a one or two shot XD Oh! I didn't think Loveless got too graphic...um...I know there's some anime episodes, but they never finished the anime. Not sure how helpful I have been. I don't read/watch a lot of happy romance manga or anime XD
  18. I hope it was okay for me to join the club (I haven't been around the forums much...just been swamped with work X'D) I really enjoyed reading both of your comments on this. I recall when I was taking art classes, how we were given instructions on how to *kinda* mix purple/violet. I think magenta and cyan would make maybe a close to "pure" purple in pigments. Kinda. But it's a lot more nuanced, like you've pointed out. My partner is red/green color blind (there are a couple different types of color blind.) Because he can't see red, when he's looking at stuff we have around the house that is purple, he always calls it blue XD A couple years back, I finally saved up enough to buy him pair of color blind glasses. He had gone 35 years never seeing green, red, orange, or purple (or any of the mixes.) When he first put them on, I recorded the experience. I brought tears to both of our eyes. It was interesting, because of course he had just adjusted his life to work around colors (or always asked someone for opinions on what a color was.) It was so cool for him to have a close experience to seeing those colors :3 Something that I've always taken for granted. There are online color blind tests you can take that can *kinda* help someone tell if they are colorblind. I took one, as did my fiancee. It was interesting. Funny thing is, he and I went to school together (like, US 5th grade through high school.) We've known each other for most of our lives, but I never knew until about 4 years ago that he was color blind XD I just thought he liked to wear a lot of black (which he does.) _________________________ Talking about mixing colors, also reminds me of how we were taught to mix warm blacks vs. cool blacks, and how you could get a richer color by doing it yourself, as opposed to buying a tube of black paint. It was interesting to learn how to mix colors. I don't use it often, though, so I have to look it up from time to time when the spirit moves me to make traditional art XD (like painting or using inks.)
  19. Da da da! I haven't been around much because we're moving XD I'm barely able to keep up with my comic and videos...I miss hanging here, and I will return!

  20. So...I was listening to Dangerous Curves from Friday...and I just had to post this song they played XD Give this woman some gawd dang frickin' pizza!
  21. Holy crap! I just discovered Netflix is showing episodes of Saint Seiya! It is as 80s as 80s anime gets XD Complete with power ballad opening song! It's AMAZING. So I just wanted to gush about it. Has anyone else been watching this? I just finished Season 1. It is so ridiculous, but awesome at the same time XD
  22. I also am a bit weary of music/band animes. I liked Perfect Blue, but then...it was not really about the music as it was the psychological trauma the character suffered from. I tend to like all (or most) the music from Watanabe animes. He's apparently a musician himself, and he said it was always a goal of his to eventually make an anime with music being the focus (for real, though Bebop and Champloo have some of the BEST music I've ever heard from an anime. Not novel: actually good music.) Since I'm a big fan of 60s/70s (and pretty much a wide breadth of genres) I was impressed with the allusions to musicians. I'm not a big fan of EVERY song he referenced, but I recognized them and it was fun to see something I was familiar with. I'm also huge Beatles fan, so I loved how clueless the girls were when they referenced George Martin XD *Music Nerd XD*
  23. Ooooh that looks so cool! I'm right in the middle of helping judge a comic contest , but I want to check it out! When I get a chance (which will probably be a while...maybe Feb or Mar,) I want to give it a go Pixel art is so much harder than people think. I just made a little crap sprite using Setzer as a base (for my own stuff as a joke for my readers,) but it took soooo long and it looked horrible when I was done. I was astonished how long it took, and it was just a tiny character. I can't imagine how long it took to make the ones you posted...or a whole game! And they could tell (the ones who played FFVI) right away where I got the shape XD So kudos to you having the patience and the skill to make those images. They really are creepy o_O
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