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Cooking is just a hobby to me, I don't give it a lot of time and often forget how I made a recipe that I really did well. I want to start this thread to help me remember some of the things I tried and liked or didnt like. As well as what I did or didnt do well.

Feel free to share your thoughts on these as well as your own recipes or favorites from the web~

Today I was craving rice, so I decided to learn how to make onigiri. The technique may seem straightforward but actually its got some nuances that you wouldn't think of (if you are just a casual creator like me). One of them being that you salt your hands in order to preserve the rice for a longer term, as rice will get hard in refrigerator so salting allows them to keep for longer at room temp or in a bento. Source

I didn't end up making these today, instead I made some bibimbap with ingredients I had on hand. The meat substitute was one that became too salty in the marinade so it wasn't as enjoyable as ones I've made in the past. I also forgot to fry an egg... So that was a major disappointment, as the egg goes so well with all the flavors in this dish. Sesame, spinach, soy, and hot pepper paste (gochujang).

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