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If Naruto had a football team defense:


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RE: Kiba, he’s a beast and is ferocious. Combined with Akamaru, that is a deadly force

DT: Raikage, he sacrificed his hand to punch Sasuke

DT: Killer B, father son duo is hard to beat

LE: Zabuza, he chased down Gato without any hands and he went through a whole army. I can’t imagine the terro

MLB: Neji, with his byakugan, he will be able to predict plays, read the gaps, and stuff the run

OLB: Rock Lee, he has boundless energy and loves to hit people. He just needs to take a Saki shot before the game

OLB: Kankuro, hard headed guy who loves to hit people 

CB: Kakashi, Revis Island, more like Kakashi island. With his sharingan he will be able to mirror the other 

CB: Temari with her wind jutsu, she’s able to press the receiver

Safety: Hinate, another byakugan user to read the whole field and call out formations

Safety: Ino, she will use her justsu to control the other team’s quarterback to cause turnovers

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