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  1. TLOUS 2 (The Last Of Us) I loved it!
  2. My Hero Academia Season 3. Third is my favourite so far! My reasons: • Seeing different uses for the students’ of class 1-A quirks • Introducing many new characters • Bakugo getting kidnapped • The rescue squad and heroes saving him • All Might’s fight with All For One / All Might’s retirement • The students of class getting their hero licenses • Bakugo and Midoriya's fight •The students of class 1-A fighting the big three
  3. @efaardvark Jimmy Page and his guitar were no match!
  4. @spätixD I feel that. I'm usually the lone wolf in the pack. I watch anime, but not the type anyone else is interested in. Not the type anyone can relate to. Or very few the least. I don't go spamming those that aren't into the same genre as mine. Everyone has their own preference. Having something to be able to relate to can be frustrating and boring at times. Especially during these times. You just have to try to find someone with the same hobbies or similarities to keep you busy. @EvaUnit69 That's so cool! I suggested the same for my school counsel, but it was outvoted. I wish I had the opportunity to go to your school and participate in your Anime Club! How were the cons? How were the clubs? What was it like? I envy you so much! You were so lucky!
  5. 47 Meters Down I love shark movies!
  6. Dub There's too much reading and focusing what the characters are saying with Sub. Personally I'm in opposition to have to look at the subtitles. There's a lot of disconnect and detachment that comes along with Sub. I'm an English speaker, so this comes into effect. While I'm not completely against Sub, as I have watch a few episodes in Sub. Dub is my go to preference. As far as voice acting; slipping through the cracks? I'm not oppose to how it sounds. I can barely notice when the characters bypass the cracks. Is it just me? Maybe? They sound the same to me. I'm with @EvaUnit69 on this one as far as voice actings sounding the same.
  7. Asuna from SAO! Kirito is such a lucky dude! I envy him so much!
  8. Sauron


    Welcome! Glad to see you here!
  9. @TripleZeta Nah, I don't get that. Sounds painful and annoying. I can't imagine! My friend has it though. It keeps him up most nights. It doesn't help that he has insomnia. I'm not sure how he distracts himself, but he's told me he sleeps about 4 or 5hours a day... I kinda feel for him. Glad I'm not in his shoes.
  10. Sauron

    coffee or tea

    I'm always indulging myself in green tea, chamomile tea & hibiscus tea!
  11. @Wedgy It's definitely a disappointment to see an anime try so hard to follow a plot and make it as relatable and realistic as possible. But when it's oblivious as it was, and she still felt for it, it almost defeats the purpose of a decent plot. It's pretty offputting to see a male harass and bully someone, let alone a female to the extent that he did. To say that they weren't meant to be would be a huge understatement. It's unrelatable and unrealistic. The way of going about it for them may work in an anime world, but in a realistic environment, they've set themselves up for failure.
  12. Got on my PS4! Downloaded & played Warframe! Also earned a few trophies! So close but yet so far to level 5!
  13. @Musuko Epic! Thanks for the extra support!
  14. @Seshi I think most of us are in agreement that it would be a huge understatement to say that most of us were expecting better than what we saw. Yeah, another episode usually another chance to do it right. Unfortunately I didn't see it happening for this anime. It was a far stretch. A lot needed to happen for a chance at redemption. And it didn't get done. It's a shame. *smh*
  15. @efaardvark Same! I'm extremely prejudice during these times. I can't be near someone if their mask isn't worn to my standards.
  16. @Xyro No worries! Good luck! I wish you nothing but the best and success with your project going further!
  17. This just put me in a great mood! I think It'll put you in one too. @RuthisianCodex
  18. @Ohiotaku Very relatable. Anime is great for downtime and getting away from the negative in the world. I'm watching too many Anime's right now. I don't think I'll be opting into anymore anytime soon.
  19. @TripleZeta You might like: Corpse Party: Tortured Souls -Blood-C -Deadman Wonderland -Death Frenzy -Hellsing Ultimate -Terra Formars
  20. @Xyro Do you have DeviantArt? You should post your work there. I think your work would do big on DeviantArt!
  21. I'm just gettin into it. It's hard to find an anime community that's consistently active. It's a shame......
  22. @OldAnimeFan NEVER, NEVER last FOREVER. FOREVER NEVER last FOREVER. It's probably for the best.
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