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  1. I can't promise you it will be happier, although i have to say it takes the depressing to a weirder place, makes you experience a feeling you probably didn't know you could feel.
  2. Very relatable, i also watch anime to not think about what is happening around me. But Japan Sinks isn't negative in that way, it didn't actually make me think what if it happened, but it does leave you with a very bitter feeling in your stomach. Nonetheless, I recommend it for it's casual realism, kenopsia and things slightly out of feel, that still fit in.
  3. In this topic i want everyone to talk and discuss different anime, share your opinion on them, see what others think and maybe change someone's mind. I'll start with a new addition: What are your thoughts on this, if it's not too brash to say, very well timed release ?
  4. Oh yeah, that is true. Some places are a lot more conservative than others, especially if it's a smaller community. Very sad, i have to say, it's such a harmless hobby.
  5. Hello everyone ~ I am here to give mt two cents in any topic i find interesting. And maybe discuss some theories and alike with anyone who wants.
  6. I feel like liking anime isn't a taboo or anything bad anymore so having people around you who at least occasionally watch anime isn't that rare. Or maybe that is just my experience?

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