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So, I have had long hair for the past couple of years. I liked it at first but recently I have gotten quite sick of it seeing as I almost always wear either a man-bun, braid or pony-tail variation. I think its a well known fact that life is just a little less colorful, a little less happy and fun when you don't look as good as you want to, and I am kind of getting bored with myself; so, recently, I have begun trying to find new fun hairstyles to try for long hair. I am not looking for sexy hairstyles, but instead for cute hairstyles, specifically ones with bobby pins. Anyway, to get to the point of this post (and stop wasting your time, sorry) I am in sincere need of some recommendations, this is because whenever I look for cute bobby pin styles I can't find any for men! 

I would love it if a bunch'a people would post cute bobby pin hair styles for men (excluding any and all pony-tails, man-buns, etc.). I would prefer a nice hairstyle that is kind of foofy, anyway, I have found a couple of hairstyles in anime I like, for example: 

Kurusu Shou

manga cap the cutest omfg Toukyou Kushu Tokyo Ghoul Ishida Sui suzuya juuzou  ukaku •

Out of the two I prefer Juso's, it's a little cuter imo, but I hope you guys also have some suggestions. It's hard finding stuff like this for guys, lol. 


Edit: I also prolly couldn't do either of the above hairstyles because my hair is quite long instead of medium length, so as I said before, "foofier" is better. Thanks. ♥ 

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I think for this, your best option will be to just experiment around until you find some styles that you like!

Another thing to keep in mind, there are different styles of Bobby pins, it might be worth it to try out different kinds and find which ones work best for your hair. You might also find different clips/barrettes that could look good too!

As you said, finding men’s styles of what you want is pretty difficult. Try looking at and wearing a few different women’s styles and see if you can’t modify them at all to suit your tastes better. Another option could be more androgynous hairstyles. 

Best of luck!

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