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Anyone Else Watching Battlebots? (Possible Spoilers)


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This is the first year I've been truly disgusted with Battlebots. I may not have agreed with some of the judges' decisions in years past (most, though not all, of their rulings against Duck essentially), but the Hydra vs HUGE decision has me downright pissed. I can overlook the Rotator vs Beta decision as they have a teensy bit of leg to stand on there but there was nothing right about the Hydra vs HUGE decision. It showed no sportsmanship, was not a battle at all, and I think should have been a disqualification due to excessive pinning (free movement around the box was prevented).  That was not a good match. It was not enjoyable to watch and it left me asking why. Maybe it's time to retire those judges. If more battles continue to end like they seem to be this season I won't be excited to see next year's season. 


Other than that, the first walkerbot, in a configuration I always figured would come out first for a walker! Very different from the old Chomp. Like a moth having emerged from it's cocoon :)

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