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(A poem talking about my relationship with arrogance)


Walking in, as the door lay ajar
I hear bells, and Her cry from afar
As He closes in, with every breath
Oh I remember,
As Pride kisses me goodbye,
While I weep away
Like the unsung tune of a ballad
From the dying heart of a young lover
Words left unsaid
I remember, yet again,
I drift around, unaware,
Looking for home
As I see it in Her eyes
Using her tears to write my own epitaph
Under the cold, unforgiving light
While I sleep away (Hypnos, hail thee)
As Time flies, and oh I've lived
Oh Pride, my love doth seek no end
And yet, I step back
For one last time
To seek what I sought first...

Edited by EWR-47
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