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  1. Death catches us all the same...


  2. Happy puppy : r/aww

    This is happy puppy. He wishes u a great day and hope's you're doing alright. Only way to make him happier is to smile. Smile now :)

    1. Kreideprinz


      Aww, I love puppies. 💜

      Doing good, I really appreciate you Tobi. Thank you so much for being there, I don't think you'll ever know how grateful I am to have you. Hope you have a wonderful day! :) 

    2. Kevin Scott

      Kevin Scott

      Sure he will 

    3. TobiGotGrenades


      @Kreideprinz All I have to say is this;

      I'm so glad that I decided to join this forum after coming across an album of Shinya Kogami screencaps. It's shit like this that keeps me going during the not-so-easy parts of life. The pleasure is all mine :3

  3. Finished playing Outlast. Almost done with Outlast 2. Probably one of the scariest experiences I've ever had. @Kreideprinz have u played outlast yet?
  4. Loved this one. I'm listening to a goddamn nostalgia trip aka Linkin Park, Evanescense (i forgot how to spell this band smh), IconForHire, Green Day, The Killers...all things early 2000s, really. Right now, Im listening to Mr Brightside. It's sooo goood.
  5. This....is an interesting take that I wouldn't have thought of otherwise, thank you. You're right, Light Yagami is blinded. Confused. The world isn't as he sees it, himself isn't as he sees it. He's overidentified too much with what he's trying to enforce, to the point where he's stopped looking at himself to see where he stands. Any impeding hint of guilt is immediately disregarded, as he believes it'll only distract him, despite that voice in the back of his head trying to save him, something he only realizes as he bleeds to death in that staircase. Beautiful point. Obsessive compulsive tendencies do be the end to many a great minds. Overall, Light wanted to do some good, and it's obvious from seeing the anime that he's always been obsessed with the idea of fairness, and he saw the Death Note as his only way to enforce authority, a system of rules that he thinks will help everyone, and sacrifices every ounce of human in him to be a God. And that was his problem. When you lose touch with what's human to become something more, you inadvertently risk becoming something much less, and the confusion between these two is what ends up causing their demise. Light, as a person, is everything that I don't want to become; a person so obsessed over one thing that he tunnel visions deeper and deeper without ever getting any better. He is worth feeling sorry for. One of the only reasons I put Mello and Light up in my most favorite characters from Death Note is for practically the same reason; they're both obsessive compulsive, which means they'd stop at literally nothing to have their ends of the bargain met. These are people you do NOT want to screw with, because it only takes them something like the Death Note (for Light) and the existence of someone better (for Mello) for them to go batshit crazy on whoever tries to stop them.
  6. Hello, I hope you're having a great day :3 


    1. Q-Tip


      Aw, thank you!

  7. Hello, I hope you're having a great day :3


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    2. TobiGotGrenades


      @Zila HP's played a huge role in my life for a while. Even now, whenever I'm in doubt, I keep asking myself "What would 17yr old Voldemort do?". However, I felt like in Harry Potter, if ANYONE was brave, it was Ron Weasely. Harry survived the Killing Curse, and had a bunch of powers for himself since he was a baby. Hermione had superior intellect compared to any wizard out there. Ron didn't have anything, and when you're someone like him, it takes guts to stick with Harry till the very end, knowing full well that you've got neither intellect nor luck to save you in the brink of death. Severus Snape was brave too, but the story does a pretty good job depicting that. 

      I haven't followed the RE lore all that well, but I do agree with what you said about Lord D and Donna (who I think is *beautiful*). Doll girl honestly made me feel like I was back in the Baker's, that boss was the most interesting one imo. And yes, vampire lady had more....assets than the memes gave her credit for. She felt like the woman who'd say "Silence!" when the rest of the group got too loud. And throughout the entire time I was playing against Moreau, I just wanted to give that man a hug and tell him "Bro, want some tea? Someone to talk to, maybe? A therapist?". I'm not a very emotional person myself, but this dude 😭. And Heisenberg....well, he had part of all of the other three. Power like vampire lady, that essence of unpredictability like Donna, but still driven by insecurity like Moreau. 

      My favourite character was the Duke. Coz this man played fair. Ethan, I kind of knew he'd


      sacrifice himself for his daughter, he does seem the type. What stood out about him was his god damned pain tolerance. This dude can drive a truck with a broken leg, put his hand back together right after being sliced off, fix his entire body with just a bottle of first aid. SHEESH.

      Good things about RE Village was the phenomenal design and graphics work. BEAUTIFUL stuff. And now that you remind of Lord D's....assets, I think I'll lift the game up to a 6.5/10. Hey, I'm not being irrational 👀. Also, forgive me for having a crush on one of her daughters...I swear I'm not into monsters...or bees.

      Thanks for reading through my paragraphs all the time, you're allowing me to geek out 😁

    3. Kreideprinz


      @TobiGotGrenades Wow, really? The HP universe has had a great deal of impact on me as well. 😊 Always great to run into another fan! I mostly meet others at HP cons, if not looking for HP content online specifically. It's like we're a secret society or something. 🤔 

      Yeah, Ron was a great trooper and stuck it out most of the time. Even when he made mistakes, he always came back to apologize. Although I feel like Ron was exploited the most as an example to express natural human flaw. I ended up really liking the Weasley family altogether. 😁 Neville Longbottom was a good pivotal character too. He was never quite exclusively reinforced by the trio in the sense that no one really had his back. Making him a more vulnerable character but he had a genuine backbone and aided the main cast in significant ways. Even if it was still from a sideline perspective. My dude openly called Voldemort out when everyone else was afraid to. 

      RE 7 was such a good game, it would be difficult to have followed up in that regard. There's a lot of elements I truly like about Village. It's just a shame that it's easy get through as a game, and certain portions of it start to pale after the enthusiasm of the first playthrough wears down. Lore, environmental, and visual designs are amazing. 🤩 You're right, I felt so bad for Moreau! Miranda's biggest chill factor was how easily she created victims and then had them call her mother, forcing them to be family , yikes! Ah, the Duke is probably my favorite merchant in gaming to date! Love his character and the absolute mystery surrounding him. The floor of his wagon has a society/family crest on it. I always wondered if it's a connection to some kind of league of merchants or something, haha.

      (Rubs hands together like a villain) good, good. The power of Lady D is inevitable. Mwahaha! 👀 Honestly, I'm not even upset that the Internet put her so high up on the simp charts. She turned out to be a fantastic character in the end. 😆 

      I think it's funny that Ethan was like, in IT or an engineer of some kind and got mixed up in everything. Just an average dude, trying his best. The fact that he kept his humanity when other characters seemed desensitized to it, was refreshing too. 

      "I swear I'm not into monsters...or bees."

      There's no kink shaming here! 😏 Rol 🤣🤣

      No probs on the paragraphs, I do love me some passionate discussions on interests. 👍

    4. TobiGotGrenades


      @Zila Neville's built different. I think that's why he had trouble with broomsticks in the first book. It must be really hard for a broomstick to carry someone with balls this big. I'll be honest, Voldemort had a HUGE role to play in the way I see the world. 17 yr old Voldemort was brilliant. He'd never denied himself a opportunity to fulfill his dream about being the strongest wizard in the world, and was extremely smart with whatever he'd tried to handle. However, that all changed when he saw the prophecy, and we instantly see a version of Riddle that's more...stubborn. Stubborn to the point where he's so hell bent on killing Harry Potter that he loses track of his original aim; being the best in the world, letting things like "i want to kill harry myself" come in his way. The noseless Voldemort is a man that's tunnel visioning in the wrong direction, a man so driven by a desire to prove his worth to a lucky 17yr old that he loses himself. This understanding of him made me notice how I was the same way, and after I'd decided to not get lost, my life's been better. 

      And about RE Village, you're right about everything except one part.

      There's only ONE villain in that game that can force me into calling her mommy, and it's not Miranda. No amount of medieval witchcraft can change the way I feel about those....assets 👀

      The comments 😭😭😭

      Screenshot (1441).png

  8. I've never really cared. I don't sport anime merchandise, but it's no secret that I like anime. If wearing merch is your thing, go for it.
  9. It's funny how despite wanting to be Erwin Smith, I always end up relating to Spike Spiegel. Man, that guy's a mood. 


  10. I put three cubes of ice in my glass of lemonade, then refrigerated it for an hour for it to cool even more, and its STILL not enough to help me get through this heat wave in peace. 

    I think I'll go and see if I fit inside the freezer, coz we dont have air conditioning. Keep me in your prayers.

    Context: Today it's 37 degrees celsius, or 98 degrees Fahrenheit

    1. Q-Tip


      That's pits mate. Wish I could send you some snow. Still having that here.

    2. Ohayotaku


      Been making a run at 90F here all weekend, but hasn’t cracked it yet. Supposed to rain Wednesday & cool things down into the 70s.

    3. TobiGotGrenades


      @Wedgy @Ohayotaku Update: Yes, it did rain. But it's still very very hot in here. Not nearly as much as the day this status was originally posted tho. So I haven't officially melted, and am alive and well :3

  11. In the fetal position aka the most common one. However, I think I alternate between positions a lot in my sleep, because I never wake up in the same position I remembered dozing off in. Either way, hugging a pillow/blanket is probably the best (and only way) of putting me to sleep. I have a bolster pillow just for this, and it helps a lot with not only feeling comfortable in bed, but also with chronic loneliness. Something like this...
  12. Kentura Miura, the creator of Berserk, has passed away, at the age of 54. I got the news just an hour ago from an acquaintance. It's sad how I'll get to see no more of the best manga art I've seen in my lifetime. What do you think will happen to the Berserk manga, now that no one's here to continue the story?
  13. Hmmmmmm


    What? That's it...shoo shoo!

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    2. TobiGotGrenades


      @Ohayotaku wtf 😂😂😂. Also, I'm VERY interested in knowing how onions and raw potatoes are supposed to work 🧐

      @Wedgy The weirdest smell I've smelt....

      Boy, now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever smelt anything that's weird enough for me to remember. I do remember the smell of rotten corpses tho. Reason why I've wanted to donate my dead body to a scientific organization so it can be used for research purposes ever since.

    3. Ohayotaku


      @TobiGotGrenades he always said it would “cut through the phlegm” … yeah, it didn’t need to make sense, he was bigger than you. Guess he thought chicken soup when you’re sick was for wimps 😂 
      Of course as you can see from the labeling, medicine could be kinds sketchy back in those days too.

    4. TobiGotGrenades


      @Ohayotaku Oh man, I know Asian parents all too well for me to be able to understand where they're coming from. 

      Fortunately, I get sick very rarely 😌

  14. Hey, I just noticed how you're from Bangladesh, and I'm from the same country as well. 

    "Ki obostha?"

  15. @Ohayotaku You're not alone. My old man passed away in November, due to COVID. It rained heavy that night, but it felt more fresh, as opposed to dim and melancholy. It felt like I was done with season 1 in my life, and I hope season 2 has a more promising ending. All I have rn is a mother (who's ill with an anxiety disorder) and a younger brother (15M). Dealing with the loss of a pet can be tough too. I had two rabbits that my dad sold when I was a kid coz we were short on money, and we couldn't take care of him any longer. I've never had a pet after that, coz we couldn't afford it any longer. Neither in money, nor in patience. @Zila I'm sorry for your mother. Losing a parent really is painful, usually more than we think it would be. But I didn't have time to grieve. Given how my father was the only source of income in my family, money grew tighter. And I painfully relate to not knowing my dad well. I never asked him personal questions, never tried to get to know him more. Hindsight 2021, he was greater than I could possibly give him credit for. Facebook posts from his colleagues told me the story I'd never bothered to hear from him, the story of how this man came from rags to being not only successful, but also the most charismatic person I've known. He made mistakes, just like any parent parenting for the first time would, and I love him for always acknowledging his mistakes afterwards, being open minded till the very end. I wish we had more time. I wish he got to see me become an adult (he died when I was 16). I wish he got to see me move out, something he'd always wanted to be there for. Takeaway: If you don't know your dad well enough, get to know him. You never know, he might just be the coolest person you've known. Make sure he's alive to know that you do, in fact, appreciate him, more than he thinks he deserves.
  16. Is it a coincidence that I changed my waifu from Rangiku to Nobara just before you changed profile picture to just that? Either way, I'd ask for her hand in marriage any day 😌.

    Also, I also remember you having Alita from Battle Angel as your profile picture, and honestly, I'm conflicted 👀


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    2. Kreideprinz


      But hey, @EWR-47 what's your favorite manga? 🙂

    3. TobiGotGrenades


      @Zila Didn't mean to make you wait for four days, I have a habit of going incognito. 

      I haven't read a lot of manga, but Attack on Titan definitely stands out for the storyline. Despite the number of fans who'd disagree with how it ended, I actually think it's quite realistic, and just as full of symbolic references like the other chapters. 

      In terms of artwork, almost nothing tops Berserk. I won't tell you why, see for yourself.



      It's crazy to think that he does it all manually. Jesus Christ, I wanna meet Miura one day.



    4. TobiGotGrenades


      @Zila guess I won't be able to meet Miura after all 😔. The news of his death came out literally the day after this reply :(( 

  17. If my life ends on a happy note, and I'm fully content, boy will this be a great story.

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    2. Kreideprinz


      Same, that's why I generally try to do the things I love or are interested in. You just never know what could happen. 

    3. TobiGotGrenades


      @Zila Mine was kinda inspired from this one thing my friend said 

      "Life's shit expect for a few moments of joy. So, stretch those joyful moments. Dont miss a second. LIVE them like they were your last, live them until you start feeling like life is joyful, expect for a few moments of shit"

      And that's exactly why it's always fun to have a sage around as your buddy xD.

    4. Kreideprinz


      Well, that's one way of putting it. For me, it was someone in my family. They had a cancer scare that made us all want to do more with our lives. Life is pretty crazy but yeah, I'm grateful to those happy moments. 🥰

  18. Spoiler below for anyone who hasn't watched till S4 in anime
  19. What do you guys think of Ch 139 in Attack on Titan? I read a lot of varied opinions over the Internet and was interested in knowing what you guys had to say about it. Cheers!
  20. Yep. I love the artwork in the manga. I mean, how could you not?
  21. @Raven_Claw The second season was my personal favourite of all of them. Not only was the animation absolutely mind blowing, but so was the alignment of the story. It was beautifully crafted, and everything hit different after you rewatch S2 after having watched S4. It's amazing
  22. Soichiro and Light Yagami, Naomi Misura and Ryuk.
  23. Lol no. And I don't plan on getting married and having kids. Too much responsibility for me to shoulder.
  24. I love how people look at me for the first time and instantly think I'm a very tired guy who's high on something 24/7, despite me being the cleanest in my friend group. What I love even more is how some of them are just so incredibly direct about the whole thing, and the descriptions keep getting funnier xD.

    On today's episode,

    "You look like someone who smokes pot at 3am, works at a gas station, and uses Discord the whole time." 😂

    It's these types of people that make me feel good about my dark circles, unironically. Makes living life a bit more fun than usual :3

    1. Kreideprinz


      Ouch! That IS direct. 😆 Well, I heard Benicio del Toro was told something similar and that guy attracts a lot of people, haha. 

    2. TobiGotGrenades


      @Zila Lol, yea. I mean, people have told me I have a good presence apparently. so fair enough. And tbh, I'm the typa guy that hasn't really been a huge fan of attracting, or being really close to a lot of people. I just like doing my own business, taking care of stuff, and if I need people to help me out, I ask them. But I wouldn't say no to a cult full of followers dedicated to me 😎

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