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Ohayou Gozaimasu. Watashi wa koko de atarashidesu.


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Hello everyone!! I'm Missdarkcatgirl, fellow anime fan, an otaku, a webtoon lover and a simp for Haikyuu boys.  I also love listening to openings songs. Favourite is: Goya no Machiawase and Kyouran Hey Kids!! 

Also an avid fanfic reader so if you have any fanfics for me, throw it to me! I love to draw and sketch anime characters but haven't joined Digital art yet. If anyone can teach me that would be great too! I really wanted to talk to other people about anime since all of the anime watchers I know don't talk much about it. Favourite ships are Izuku x Uraraka and Jiwon x Dong-gyun. I love reading mangas. Favourite is: L-DK. I also listen to nightcores too, tried making them myself but they're bad. Favourite webtoon: My dear cold blooded king, let's play, sub zero and Midnight poppylan. K-POP is a go to but I've been entering the world of J-pop too. 

Only watched 135 animes till now.

I'm currently a writer on Wattpad, though I'm on the brink of changing my user ID. 

And I'm also a BL fan, so dear fujoshis, rejoice! You have a new member.

Arigatou gozaimasu! Yorushiko onegaishimasu. 


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