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Sailor Moon Crystal - General Discussion

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Hi all. Decided to make a thread to talk about this series. I saw other threads, but they mostly mentioned info about the series starting. So yeah. I've only seen up to ep 11...still. Anyway, this is what I thought of it...

I've finally started to watch Sailor Moon Crystal. I'm quite impressed with how close it is to the manga so far. I even like the fact that Rei/Mars (whose character was changed for the original anime) is just like her manga counterpart. Serious about her temple duties and not boy crazy and not interested in dating or guys. Of course there's a reason for it. In the manga there was a guy she really liked that worked for her father...and he was forced into marrying another girl because of him so that the two companies would have a good connection or whatever. Very old way of doing things. From then Rei felt it was pointless to fall in love, I guess you could say.


I'm also glad THEY FIXED MAMORU AND MOTOKI'S AGES!! Okay, so Motoki was never a problem. He was always portrayed in both the anime and manga as a university student who worked part time at the Crown Game Center/Cafe. Mamoru in the first anime was a university student, whereas in the manga, he was in highschool who later on became a first-year university student. It bugged me that a university student was dating a junior high school student. At least here, the ages are 14 and 16 for Usagi and Mamoru. Second year junior high school student and a second year high school student. I don't have much of an issue with that.


I'm glad they're keeping in the Shittenou storyline where we find out that Beryll's four minions weren't just brainwashed followers and that they'd lost memories of their pasts. The first anime handled this poorly.


I love that they kept in the Sailor V game being important.


Glad they pointed out the uniform thing for Makoto. The school didn't have a uniform for her because she's tall for a Japanese girl. The other students feared her because of the type of uniform she wore (which was changed since it's not the case anymore in modern day Japan). Uniforms with long skirts, or those who wore long skirts in the style of Mako's, as well as her hair type (wavy and such), back then actually had a negative stigma. People would assume she was "sukeban"...a delinquent girl. I forgot the term used for boys. So yeah, that was dropped, but that's more of a dated thing than anything else.


This is why Mako was always my favorite. She's tall and it's obvious she doesn't care for that. I also like the fact that she was perceived as strong and tough and "dangerous" despite her hobbies and club choices being quite feminine, traditional, or gentle. Her character is definitely showing that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.


Now, as for things I do miss from this series...well, probably some of the "90s" stuff. Like with Ami who when in the cram school in the original manga and anime, was given a 3 1/2 floppy to work from. The update wasn't bad, though. A CD-Rom.


I liked Mr. Tsukino's design more so for the original anime. Umino as well.


I miss the original music. This show's intro just feels too Precure for my tastes or AKBish and I don't like either. I miss Moonlight Densetsu. I always skip the intro. The bgm is fine, though.


Hm, I kinda miss Yuuichirou and the other original seiyuu. Wish the rest of the women that voiced the other girls could've reprised their roles.


I also kinda miss filler eps which usually had the characters going through something silly or goofy which showed that there was more to them than just "Sailor business" as well as their vulnerabilities. Even though it was anime original, I actually kinda miss the storyline they had with Naru in the original series where she was being taken advantage of by one of Beryll's minions and the girls having to deal with that.


I am so hoping that they adapt some of the manga side stories, like the one where Minako pretty much crashed and hung at Rei's private school for a day in disguise as a student. That was hilarious in the manga.


That aside, I am definitely enjoying Crystal so far, for what it is.


My feelings after about 9 eps in...


This show seems very true to the manga, but seems in the older anime series, the girls seemed a bit more....teen-like at times? Yes they had their sailor duties, but they also had their "earth lives" as well as other interests. Seems Crystal is focusing on the "duty" part only as opposed to the silly side-stories to see how they are from day to day when sailor stuff isn't fully involved. Seriously, I would love the side story of Minako disgusing herself just so she could go to Rei's school for a day. It was definitely my favorite side story from the manga because of how goofy Minako was for it and how amazed she was over what Rei's private school had to offer.


Hm, could that be it?


So how about you guys?

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I haven't actually had a chance to watch this yet but I watched all the original ones. I plan on giving this a go soon as I have a free weekend. Is there anywhere I can watch this online perhaps? I have been reading up on it and it sounds amazing! A lot like the original but fresh.

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