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Nichijou web radio eng sub


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I recently found the Nichijou web radio with eng sub when listening to Nichijou character song. It was translated by 八さく! I think he also translated some segment of the other episode 3 weeks ago so I will link his youtube channel right here. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChzBRJ7tpaQX2hhE-ZFelnA

(Tokisadame High Part) the one with Yuuko, Mio and Mai


(Tokisadame High Part) episode 1:


(Tokisadame High Part) episode 2:

(Tokisadame High Part) episode 3:


(Tokisadame High Part) episode 4:

(Shinonome Labs Part) with Sakamoto, Hakase and Nano


episode 1 ( and the only one translated entirely):



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