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Character Designs for a Fantasy Novel


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I'm currently working (at a snails pace) on a medieval magical fantasy series. As I'm more of a visual thinker, it's really helpful for me to have actual images of my characters to reference when I'm trying to write. Unfortunately, I have all the artistic talent of a drunk racoon with no limbs, so up until now I've been at a loss. However, I recently stumbled across a rather remarkable AI bot that produces images using human prompt words. I have to say, some of the stuff it's produced for me is incredible (well, by limited standards anyway. Perhaps the more artistically inclined amongst you will be able to see the faults). I thought I'd share some of the stuff it has produced for one of my characters (Lyra). For context, she is meant to be a very powerful fire mage, but the story follows her life from being an orphaned child through to adulthood. There's a few of her as an adult, adolescent and child. Unfortunately, stupid me forgot to prompt the AI to give her medieval clothing for the last image, which is especially annoying because it's probably my favorite otherwise.

Also, as decent as the faces look in this images, it actually wasn't very good at producing them. For every one good face it produced it probably made about 6-7 really bad ones lol.






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