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Hey everyone! So I'm not an artist, but love to write stories. I've decided in my free time to start putting together a concept for a new anime. 

Love to know what you think!

I'd like to call it a mixture of almost every genre.

So the story starts out with two protagonists that meet at the end of the first episode. Throughout each episode they get into solo battles, but always seem to meet in the end.

I've started adapting concepts for the end of each episode into Tiktoks If you like the ideas, shoot me a 👍

Hopefully, my dream will come true one day

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Another aspiring content creator! A mix of almost every genre that can be all things to all people though would be next to impossible to make without it alienating the target demographics in question. One also has to consider the pacing and the amount of character dialogue which helps to explain the plot. I think flashy visuals are great, but the story must have substance behind it. Story development is unfortunately one of the most frequently overlooked elements that goes into making shows.

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3 hours ago, RNRC said:

I do love flashy visuals and tend to rather have more fight scenes than dialogue, but I personally think the best dialogue is without words. Actions can always paint a vivid picture in each scene.

Yes, a close-up shot of a character's expression can often say far more than words.

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