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Anime Los Angeles (Long Beach,ca) Convention Staffing


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Hey yall! I hope this is ok but Name is Greg, I am part of Convention Operations at Anime Los Angeles and we are trying to make a Subunit of the team For Office Help and Weapon policy, this con never really enforced weapon policy but due to safety I got the go ahead to make a team of 10 to insure the safety of out attendees!. If the admins here are ok with, I have a Staff application to post, but the help with be appreciated

Do you have strong organizational skills and a drive to volunteer as staff for the best Long Beach based anime convention in January?

I'm in need of filling my subteam within ConOps at ALA! Come help us run ALA as a full time staff volunteer and get sweet things like free shared staff hotel room, a daily food voucher good at the convention center and food trucks, and your free staff badge to get you into everything ALA on your free time between shifts!

I'm looking for about 10 people to help me out, and we need to get forms filled out ASAP! Message me for more info or apply at https://www.rsconops.com/apply with me as your referral. (edited)



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