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Anyone excited for the new Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime/Games?


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Anyone here as super excited for the new Pokemon game as I am? Well, then check out this cool video on one of the new Pokemon they are adding to the Roster. It's name is Mimikyu!


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Omg, I'm so ready for the new games, and Mimikuy reminds me of Banette, another one of my favs, so I'll probably have it on my team! Cool video too!

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My soul's not been set on fire with these games, especially seen as we have to wait five days after the worldwide release date; thanks Nintendo Europe!


Also I need to get round to finishing Alpha Sapphire, and LeafGreen, it's just finding the time!


However, came across this: Alola Form Trailer!


It appears that after Mega Evolutions, Primal Reversions, the next new thing is Alola Forms!


I actually laughed my ass off at the site of Alola Exeggutor; Alola Vulpix and Ninetales weren't that bad, same goes for Alola Sandshrew and Sandslash!


Have to wonder how they work, as well do those Pokémon change when they are traded to Sun/Moon, or do you need a "key", and can they change back? What about the moveset, does it change automatically, or do you need to level up to learn new moves?


The trailer also features new Pokémon: Oricorio, whose appearance is location specific, but in game, similar to Burmy and Wormadam, rather than 3DS location specific, Vivillion; Minior, whose appearance is but a shield that can be smashed to reveal a core, but the core has different appearances; Formantis and evolved form Lurantis!


Smashing your way through on Sharpedo looks pretty cool, and appears there's an Island Champion Challenge, with trial Captains; Mallow, Lana, wait... and challenges from Totem Pokémon!? WTF!


And you have Super Sentai/Power Ranger poses to unlock special Z-Powers in your Pokémon, well the Electric pose looks like something out of Super Sentai, the Grass pose is a bit My Neighbour Totoro (when they're growing the trees, makes sense), the Fire pose is like a repulsor blast (although kinda wish it was a haduken), and the Water pose is a hula hula dance (with arm swaying like waves)!

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So, another new trailer, with more new Pokémon, more Alola Pokémon, and the not-so-intimidating Team Skull!


New and Alola Pokémon, and the region's villaneous team


I can just hear some weak Team Skull motto (even though there aren't any in the games)!


I'm just in two minds as whether to write one out, although it wouldn't rhyme, probably!

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Just played the demo, and something that annoyed me about Generation VI, has been solved for these games; in Generation VI trainers didn't have a physical presence in battles - I was going to say most, thinking about Serena/Calem, Shauna, May/Brendan, and a few others, but they still don't "exist" during battles, so it is all:

  • In Generation VI, trainers feature in the over world, but then they become "cardboard cut-outs" at the start of the battle (VS Screens), and pull a complete "disappearing act" during the battles

These games see the return of trainers in battles which, is great to see!


Especially... as I am right that in some Generations, Gym Leaders will "cut into" the battle, when they're doing badly: Generation IV with Whitney, Janine, Erika, Jasmine, Gardenia, Maylene and Candice; Generation V with Skyla; Generation III with Roxanne, Flannery, Winnona, Liza and Tate?

  • Tried to see if I could see specifics, as I think it's Generation III to V, but I might be wrong! Also did the Elite Four and Champion do this? So Generation III, Phoebe and Lorelei, Generation V, Shauntel, etc.!

Something else I found out through the demo, is that music now has vocals, as found out when Team Skull appears!


Sticking with Team Skull, just before/after a battle with Plumeria, one of its Admin, she pulls a face that reminds me of the ones from the Mega Milk trope, also I like how she referred to the Team Skull grunts as her "cute henchmen", can't remember if she said "little" too now!


[spoiler=I don't have the picture of Plumeria, but here's an image from the actual Mega Milk trope]




Obviously the graphics will have received an upgrade, however I seemed to notice it most when I saw the female staff member at the ferry terminal (in the demo), and then thought about the Delivery Lady from Generation VI, or the similar character designs of the girls in grey waist coats, shirt and skirt (working in the Battle Maison, and similar roles)... you see how the graphics have changed!


We also have a new look for Nurse Joy, but that's to be expected!


The demo works the same or a similar way to the demo for Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, in that the demo will have a number of events it will roll between over its "life"!


As well as the demo, I came across some new stuff relating to Sun and Moon, such as new characters from the Aether Foundation, an organisation that takes care of hurt Pokémon, regardless whether they are native to the region or not!


[spoiler=Aether Foundation - President Lusamine and Branch Chief Wicke]




As I didn't include images of these before in my previous posts, thought seen as I was posting images, I'd include an image of one of the Trial Captains (Mallow), and a Z Move!


[spoiler=Yesterday's images - they're not really yesterday's ;)]






That's all from me :D!


EDIT: Thought I'd do an update on the demo!


On-going thoughts:

  • Travelling like a boss - been enjoying cruising round on Tauros, at full run, definitely looking forward to doing that in the game, although I'm sure you'll only be able to do it late on, or something, however reminds me of a joke image (Leaf using "surfing Tauros");
  • So awesome, can't remember the final trainer - Ace Trainer Sheri will only battle a player after they've beaten the three trainers in the area, I remember beating the first and second trainers, although not the third, however I must have, as she battled me anyway;
  • Be sad when you're sad - the defeated trainer now has a defeated "VS screen" now, to match the result of the battle;
  • Attitude problem - Yungoos cry sounds like they're annoyed all the time;
  • Events round town - A lady waits on her knight in shining armour (turns out its a Machamp), a nervous boat passenger hopes you'll see her off, a shady deal is going down at the port, and a trainer hopes to celebrate his Pikachu's birthday in company;
  • Long process - After arriving on Alola, Mom goes to the Town Hall to process your residency, it appears it's a long process, as after a couple of days, she's still in the Town Hall;
  • Crazy Bag Lady - on certain days, you will encounter Lillie talking to a Pokémon in her bag, she will then run off as she needs to see Professor Kukui, and hopes to see you again!

I feel that the Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby demo might have been better than this one, as I feel there was more to do in that one, you'd always have someone to battle each day, and new characters would pop up in Mossdeep (Gym Leaders, Team Aqua and Magma grunts)!


This demo does play out more real, I mean x happens on a certain date, and y happens on a different date to that, and so on, but in the days in between, there's not much to do!


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