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Konbini Kareshi Episode 2 Discussion (Recap)

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Talk about improvements. The first episode, if you read my recap on that one, was a mixture of slow and confusing with odd pacing issues. This episode was far more normal, and I actually remembered names this time, because they said them properly without pushing it.


In this episode, we got a little more info on the past where our main protagonist, Haruki, Mishima started getting feelings for Miharu Mishiki and it starts with her reading this book to him that called the Prince Merman or something to that effect. 59e217a889ab3_Konbini9.thumb.png.6d8f6e89de92e687d3b3a75ae9e782f2.png


Personally, anything and everything with an aquatic theme has my interest.


After getting past that bit, we see more of Honda, Towa bothering the class rep, Mami Mihashi, (seriously what's with all the "M" names here) again like he did in the first episode, but this time he tries to be a bit more helpful. 59e217a88d3cf_Konbini8.jpg.e8eef70d4c5a371b0b5d1a65e26d877f.jpg


However, like the image suggests, she's still a but reluctant to accept anything from him because he's so pushy. After the school day ends. Mami and Miharu, meet up with Haruki by the convenience store again to talk to him about getting Towa to back off a bit. 59e217a88efe3_Konbini7.jpg.afa3130abf542732e985e06e02d3089c.jpg


Unfortunately, because of the way it was handled, where Miharu makes it seem like she might want to confess feelings for Haruki, which make him incredibly happy. Still, he agrees to talk with Towa, who apparently actually does really like Mami, into calming down a bit. He agrees in a way after they fight for a bit because Towa gets on Haruki's case because he never does anything about talking to Miharu.


The next day, Mami tells Towa to to stop yelling class rep, to not bother her if he doesn't need anything, and to not touch her so much, which he reluctantly agrees to. After that the episodes ends with all 4 of them walking to school.


Can I just say, I really like the animation in this show, even when they show images of the past at the start of it, it looks really good, even though those kinds of moments tend to be a bit more faded or grainy to make it look like someone's looking back on it. But I mean really, look at this image and tell me this doesn't look great. 59e217a892179_Konbini6.thumb.jpg.b7bf3db3111e95d293c351b97fd7f8bd.jpg


The character animation is astounding.


Anyways, as an overall rating to this episode, I give at an 8/10. It was much more controlled, there wasn't any pointless bouncing around, and the pace just made more sense. I'm not sure this is going to stand out as anything different, but it just might be good enough on it's own for that not to matter.

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