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Try it without the ?dl=0 after the .mp3 suffix. I have a feeling that might be interfering with the import process. I find most systems look for the filename at the very tail end of a URL, so when there is stuff after it that usually means it isn't being read correctly.




I did some more looking into the source code and where you uploaded your file and it seems to me that dropbox uses a javascript-based system. So when you link to the file on dropbox, even with the url ending in .mp3, it's not linking directly to the file, which a raw player such as this one requires in order to work. It's kind of like trying to shove a DVD into the player while it's still in the box.


I reuploaded your music file onto a service that allows direct hotlinking. I'll send you that in a PM, see if it works for you.



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