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Blade Runner "continuance"

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now this is one file that I had to get on the cult band wagon with and still really enjoy

so to find out they are doing another and anime adaptations as well I thought id put some thing up and referring to both the anime continuances as well as the movie which by the sounds of it are going to be hitting us real soon


the next is an anime


release in areas from Sep 26

with two other shorts to make the series 2036: Nexus Dawn and 2048: Nowhere to Run before the movie Blade Runner 2049 with the movie release due Oct 6

a short preview clip on it but wouldn't call it a trailer on black out 2022

these unfold starting from three years after the events of the original Blade Runner storyline

the director pf the u[ coming Blade Runner Black Out 2022 Shinichiro Watanabe, of Cowboy Bebop, Space Dandy and Samurai Champloo states its a chance for him to be a part of a work that has influenced him the most


I wonder if they will try to do an anime adaptation to the next movie but doubt it

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ill add that i saw this short the other day


and how i felt was it was reasonable for an anime but disappointed in the aspect it was related to the blade runner movie as it didn't have the slow pace gritty blade runner feel about it to me

hope the next movie it self fairs better

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