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  1. i had forgotten i had a tubi account
  2. well there you have it https://myanimelist.net/anime/53065/Sono_Bisque_Doll_wa_Koi_wo_Suru_Zoku-hen?_user=6233923
  3. the boy and the beast now why does that sound familiar oh thats right check out my smile below
  4. Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou 3rd Season Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest 3rd Season https://animeforums.net/topic/10920 Well its getting a third season according to MAL today
  5. i too may have to revisit season 1
  6. interesting i awoke this morn to an email which i read from MAL then came here to see your post watched your preview before commenting but i too came to say its been announced as the MAL email informed me tho released soon im hoping so but as MAL states we may have to wait till April next or latter tho in the MAL page and also after watching the preview apart from noticing she is looking a little more grown they have shown Chise's left arm to be changing alike his form and in the preview (not that i can understand non english) it seems she is/has come to terms with the changes she is going thru
  7. well that sux
    i really hate it when they advertise shit on your paid streaming service only to tell you
    you cant have when you want to watch it

    1. Ohayotaku


      As we’re all able to “talk” on here, I’m frequently guilty of forgetting that many of us aren’t even on the same continent. And quite shocking to realize how restrictive “legal” access to streaming content is, beyond the boundaries created by “exclusive” streaming rights. As much as American anime fans ••••• about it, seems to be much worse everywhere else.
      For myself, I’ve been holding off on trying Disney+ until they make Summertime Rendering available. Comments I’ve been seeing is that it’s one of the year’s best anime & being a paranormal mystery sounds to be in my wheelhouse.

  8. to me the simplified story line was kinda similar you know basically a person with a disability of some sort that hates life in general and a able body person who seems to have it all love story but other than that with out going it no to many spoilers it was a totally different story line to the hate my life due to the bully ill get revenge to show how much they hurt me we fall in love story of SV this one to me seemed even with its cliche situations to be more general life situation involved too (more general public relatable) id say
  9. i dont remember any hype think i lust saw it on myanimelist as an up coming anime and saw the trailer or something and thought it be interesting i do remember thinking it may be along the lines of silent voice and i suppose in a way it was but different too yes i did enjoy it and would recommend it , even tho there was a 5 minute section that totally seemed they had to twist it to add a cliche piece of deja vu occurrence that seemed oddly out of place and subtract form its total quality to me but i wont go into depth on this as its also a spoiler in trying to explain , think youll realize it when you watch it
  10. just finished Josee, the Tiger and the Fish my self had thought bout watching it a while back then it didnt come to any of my platforms had forgotten bout it till it just showed up in crucnyroll tho did realize it was a movie thought it was a series as it showed to eps , turned out to be one sub n one dub
  11. well Lycoris Recoil is starting to get deep and interesting with twists n all
  12. yeh after our last little discussion on this anime i tried to revisit it but still couldnt make it past the second ep i dont feel so bad now hearing your latest comment on it
  13. idk Angle but isnt digging up a 2 year old thread just to make another shameless plug for your mask website going a little to far have you run out of threads to post it on and it seems thats all you come here for these days is to promote your website
  14. latest ep of Black Summoner and yes still fully enjoying it tho im totally loving the end theme song to
  15. just watched the first ep of The Daily Life of the Immortal King think this will be worth the watch atm
  16. Aico Incarnation , Drifting Dragons and Beastars i watched on netflix id like to see Spriggan tho but as stated in my last post its unfortunate they want to charge us as much here in australia as it costs for the service in the us with a much less content base and i had friends in the us doing group watchings of stuff i couldnt get here whilst having the same service i wish there was a streaming service that was like the old video stores where they had lots of content but you paid for what you wanted from them eg ill watch movie xyz tonite so ill rent that from the streaming service
  17. im really enjoying Black Summoner as well after seeing the second ep today
  18. why on netflix ? its far from having much anime content here last time i had it and for a streaming service we payed as much as the us only to get a little more than a tenth the content so i dropped the service tho i also dropped amazons movie service when the changed from paying to have the service to paying to have the right to rent the more popular movies for a premium fee on top i did see Sirius the Jaeger on netfilx and enjoyed it Violet Evergarden and Little Witch Academia i saw on another streaming service that was swallowed up by crunchroll didnt know love sex and robots was completely anime shorts thought it was a mix but didnt get to in to it ib the first few eps but with all the anime ive watched i cant say i have a top 4 theres a heap ive enjoyed as much as each other but for very different reasons
  19. well just finished the second ep's of Lycoris Recoil and The Yakuza's Guide to Babysitting and am enjoying them but at half way thru the second ep of Call of the Night ans so ready to drop it
  20. forgot to add Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? but dang they give a re episode then make us wait a few more weeks for first official episode and ill add to the list Black Summoner
  21. i tried i gave up im not ready to retry yet lol
  22. ok the first ep ones ive watched do far for this season and think ill be running with are and in no particular order Kumichou Musume to Sewagakari Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World Overlord IV YUREI DECO Made In Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Vermeil in Gold My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Character Class and Became the Strongest Sage in the World! Prima Doll and at this stage Call of the Night tho there are few more first eps i havent yet watched that are out and i think ill be adding to this list as son as i have more time to see them
  23. ok ive just watched the first ep of Kumichou Musume to Sewagakari https://myanimelist.net/anime/49776 i feel this will be a cute interesting and enjoyable anime to watch as it grows
  24. yeh i did see the resemblance in the story line but watching it i feel what made me think more of fclc was the art work similarity and the i feel they delivered the scenes in the same silly popping format way too its hard to find the right words and express right what im trying to say
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