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Tokyo Ghoul: Re Anime Announced

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An anime adaptation has been announced for the manga series 'Tokyo Ghoul: Re', the on-going sequel manga series to Tokyo Ghoul, for the year 2018.

Studio details haven't yet been released. More details are yet to come.


I personally kind of liked Season 1 of Tokyo Ghoul, but I wasn't a big fan of Season 2. I was also told by fans that the second season doesn't follow the original manga, so, I'll first check out the original manga series before watching it.





What do you think?

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I'm glad that they got a new season I loved the anime, some do some don't but i liked it

I kinda liked the first season. I wasn't a big fan of the second one. But, I will give it a chance if it gets good buzz.

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it will get a good buzz, Tokyo ghoul is pretty popular

I mean, it'll be popular sure, but I'm talking about how people feel about it. Root A got a lot of hate as the series went on.

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