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Hello fellow Otaku! Today I am excited because I have found an old PSP ROM online and a PSP emulator to play this game! I know it's ~technically~ illegal, but I'd rather not but a working PS2 and a $60 game that I can't entirely read (I need to learn more than Hiragana) when I could play it and record it now. I will probably but the actual game for my collection someday anyway, so I don't mind as much. That being said, I am going to start playing it after this post! Make sure to PM me if you want a review from a fellow forum-er!



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This one looks like the PSP ported from PS2 of the same game.

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Yeah. The ROMS don't work with their respective emulators... I'll just have to order a Japanese PS2.

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      cant have tags without one thats totally unrelated one
      so yea, i tend to play anime-gacha games on my phone most of the time (if not all time), and i was wondering, how many of the AF community (which is you guy's you ;o) play such games ?, it can be anything aslong as its gacha-anime-ish, (e.g alchemist code, fate GO,Fire emblem heroes,dragon ball, bleach, super monster..etc etc)
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