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  1. Does anyone here play "Stormworks" (PC) ?
  2. I have a discord server but it's not populated much.
  3. Turn based games are good and are usually fair for multiplayer.
  4. Hello, this is PenguinO. I'm switching to a new computer now so there is no nore HTTPS issue to me. Please lock this thread if required. PS. I still prefer the old HTTP over HTTPS because of less overhead and the caching (proxy) is much easier to do.
  5. No. I think I found the root cause. It's the cloud services that do not provide support for old OS with free/economy package. They save the legacy support for premium services (targeted for big e-commerce players). I can still browse here from a remote computer but it's just not convenient.
  6. Thanks for advice but I think I know the problem already from the start. However, there is no solution unless I spend money for new computer and new OS or just leave then come when able. Some sites I know that use HTTPS forcefully suffer instant lost of users because people there were not ready at that time.
  7. I'm still using an outdated OS on my main computer. Update to new OS on that computer is not a good idea because it will mess up a lot. I'm still using that computer because its spec is high. The problem is some websites that use HTTPS is no more accessible by that computer. No HTTPS problem with big commercial sites. Until now I'm browsing some HTTPS site by remote into another low-spec computer so it's not a good experience. I wonder why many sites that feature HTTPS do not have HTTP fallback. Also only few non-commercial HTTPS sites are accessible by old OS like WinXP/2003.
  8. I never knew we've had a penguin! O.O 

  9. I have the Japanese version already. (Console version)
  10. Hmm? No one mention null modem?
  11. Agree with you I also own a forum but it's so quiet lately when people go to fb. The other forums I know also have more or less problems with fb.
  12. I did not understand your question.
  13. fakebook? I won't touch it again. It stole my time, my contents yet threaten for official citizen documents by sending ransom messages via e-mail and its web. Google+ and Twitter are much better.

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