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  1. I never knew we've had a penguin! O.O 

  2. PenguinO

    Hyperdimension Neptunia - Steam sale

    I have the Japanese version already. (Console version)
  3. PenguinO

    Ethernet or Wifi?

    Hmm? No one mention null modem?
  4. PenguinO

    Facebook - your thoughts and experiences?

    Agree with you I also own a forum but it's so quiet lately when people go to fb. The other forums I know also have more or less problems with fb.
  5. PenguinO

    Facebook - your thoughts and experiences?

    I did not understand your question.
  6. PenguinO

    Facebook - your thoughts and experiences?

    fakebook? I won't touch it again. It stole my time, my contents yet threaten for official citizen documents by sending ransom messages via e-mail and its web. Google+ and Twitter are much better.
  7. PenguinO

    Post Your Internet Speed

  8. PenguinO

    What Game are You Currently Playing?

  9. PenguinO

    lucky star This exists? :-: Lucky Star ~Ryouou Gakuen Outousai~

    This one looks like the PSP ported from PS2 of the same game.
  10. PenguinO

    New built pc Help

    This sounds like someone just bought a new PC without OS. Without any OS it will never boot unless you insert your OS installation media. Many modern OS installation disc/media will proceed on uninitialized/unformatted HDD then it will prompt you to do during setup.
  11. PenguinO

    What phone do you use?

    iPhone 5S
  12. PenguinO

    This is PenguinO I'm lost

    At least the Nep Club is safe to me. The crashes also occur on 2chan threads when I click to view full size of some images but GIF does not cause a crash, just JPEG with large pixels.
  13. PenguinO

    This is PenguinO I'm lost

    At least I can still get in this HTTPS site unlike some others that required Windows7 or 10 However, my browser keep crashing when I try to open https://animeforums.net/clubs/ . I think someone might set a large pixel image there that could cause crash in older 32-bit machine.
  14. This is PenguinO . I'm a returning menber after a long absent. Now I'm total lost in this dark themed site that changed a lot. Oh, well. I really missed those Nep Nep here in the past.
  15. PenguinO

    Power outages

    Candle!!? Candles are well-known for fire accidents. Try not to burn your precious mangas and also your room/house/building.
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