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High School DxD Hero

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High School DxD Hero (Spring 2018)

  1. R+
  2. 12 episodes
  3. 23 minutes
  4. TV


  1. Rating
  2. Source
    Light novel
  3. First Episode
    Apr 17, 2018
  4. Last Episode
    Jul 3, 2018
  5. Status
    Finished Airing
  6. Broadcast
    Tuesdays at 23:00
  7. Studio
      • Passione
  8. Genres


  1. Rias Gremory
  2. Issei Hyoudou
  3. Akeno Himejima


    • Director
    • Sound Director
    • Episode Director

The fourth season of High School DxD. written by myanimelist.net
  1. 1728
  2. #558 popularity
  3. 182K members
  4. 2K favorites
  • All Names
  • Original ハイスクールDxD HERO
  • Other Names Highschool DxD Hero

I don't think much needs to be said about this ecchi harem series... what I found very interesting though is the art style has changed. Looks softer. Could take awhile to get used to.

Look forward to seeing more of Koneko. :) 

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