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  1. Drewan


    I got a Samsung Note 9. I bought it two years ago.
  2. I'm really surprised that no one mentioned Grand Blue yet. It's a masterpiece!
  3. Oh, I thought it's a simple topic where we could suggest each other anime based on the genres given. I am on phone, it's kinda hard to read there rules now, but I will when I get to my laptop. Thank you for the information.
  4. I'd like some anime with the following genres: school, demons/vampires/youkai, comedy, action, etc.
  5. Oh, well. I guess it's the time to watch it now.
  6. The last episode was pretty good. Glad to see Kaneki back. As I've seen he is gonna fight Arima. Can't wait for it. The second season from :re is coming in October. Yuhuu.
  7. Not really impressed at the moment, there was some good moments, but it is getting boring. Hopefully some action is coming soon.
  8. I loved the season. Oppai King is getting better and better.
  9. Hello, Neko-chwan. ^^

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    2. Drewan


      I am doing fine. Glad to see you here as well. ^^

    3. xWickedNekox


      Glad to hear it... :3

      Ya, I like it here... Partially because I am just a regular member and it feels more casual here since I don't have to worry about post counts and I can come and go as I please without having to answer to somebody... XD

    4. Drewan


      Yea, that's right.

  10. Glad to see a familiar face still active here. 

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    2. brycec


      How are things with you?

    3. Drewan


      Pretty good. Some weeks away still I start the uni. How about you? 

    4. brycec


      Aside from not feeling too well earlier in the week, pretty good.

  11. Drewan

    New Staff

    Congrats to everyone! Good luck.
  12. Great work you did here, senpai. ^^

  13. Nice changes, it seems many things happened while I wasn't here.

    1. brycec


      Yeah, things changed quite a bit. I meant to ask this before, but are you on AL too? I noticed somebody with the same username there, and thought it was you, but was not sure.

    2. Drewan


      Yes, I am. 

    3. brycec


      Glad I was right then. Some people impersonate others online.

  14. Nice list there. Even is hard to think about a top.. I will try. So here we go: 1. Naruto 2. Bleach 3. Fairy Tail 4. One Piece 5. Hunter x Hunter 6. Gintama 7. Tokyo Ghoul 8. Attack on Titan 9. Boku no Hero Academia 10. Nanatsu no Taizai 11. Kuroko no Basket 12. One Punch Man 13. Charlotte 14. Tokyo Ravens 15. Steins;Gate 16. Charlotte 17. Kakegurui 18. No Game No Life 19. Haikyuu!! 20. Nurarihyon no Mago
  15. Just finished "Your Lie in April". So many feelings. Loved it. :)

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    2. RyePotatoes


      I loved it as well!

    3. Drewan


      Glad to see that. Yeah, I tried to find something similar as well. Only Beck seems promising. I guess I will try it someday. :)

    4. 4you


      Oh my god Beck. its not similar to you lie in april but never the less it is absolutely amazing anime probably one of my top 10 ever. Also Sakimichi No Apollon is pretty could its worth checking it out and White Album 2 :P

  16. I would love to help you guys, but I'm kinda busy in real life right now. However, I'm happy to see that there some interested members. Keep it up the good work!
  17. Already 1 month on the forum! :)

    1. Tefutakato
    2. Nectar


      That's great! I hope you like it here ^w^

  18. I'm back. :)

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    2. Drewan


      Haha, thank you guys! I was in holiday. I just arrived home yesterday. :)

    3. RyePotatoes


      Welcome Back, Andrew!

    4. Drewan


      Thank you! :)

  19. How talented are some members. Nice job everyone!
  20. It's nice to see new faces around the forum. :)

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