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Where did japanese Idols come from?


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Not a huge fan of Japanese idol culture myself.

I quite like some idol groups in anime though.

I feel a big reason Japanese idol culture is so popular in Japan (and I'm sure in other countries around the world) is they're shown as being "perfect" and really "cute". 

@ssjup81 may be able to provide more insight as she is living in Japan.

What about you @AlbatrosDVa? How do you feel about idol culture in general?

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Sorry, I've got nothing. Not even a theory. I think it's just equivalent to boy groups and girl groups. They're all cute and handsome. 


Now, the ironic thing about what you said @Optic...I'm on the plane at this moment back to the states. ^^

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it's a bit confusionary to explain i try with a example

girl Sararh (i'm not good with Jp names) is thirteen and is actually going scholl she is good singer (better than  the "normal" 13) an agency take her and she start sing for example anime song or dance at event (one piece musical for example) after she accomplished  around 20 years she can become true singer/talent or if she fail return to be normal person, it is the fan with the vote to decide if she is good or not.

akb48 formed members https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_former_members_of_AKB48akb 48 actually members for have a idea how it works   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AKB48_members


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