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So.. does anyone drink?

Sasazaki Chan

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Sure I drink....

Diet Pepsi puts a pep in my step

..ok not really... I just had no interest in alcohol. Not that there's something wrong with it .

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Drinker here! I rarely drink for the sake of getting drunk but I have no trouble just enjoying them.

I like fruity cocktails best. They are super refreshing but they are super pricey so I try not to have too many. My favourites tend to be passionfuit based like Pornstar Martinis, and I also love Mojitos, Strawberry Daiquiris, Blue Lagoons and Long Island ice Tea, I also like vodka, whisky, limoncello, spiced rum and schnapps. Fruit ciders and Sake are nice.

Some beers are ok but and I only really drink them as much as I do because they more price efficient, I really like Sapphoro and Asashi :D 

Absolutely cant stand Gin x.x I dont consider myself to be a wine person but I can tolerate the sparkling stuff.

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