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Stream Anime With Me?

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It shouldn't be a surprise that there are apps and sites out there that allow you to stream Anime (videos to be general) with your friends, a party of people even, all on your phone (or PC). 

I was introduced to one a while back. I grouped with a few others and we streamed an Anime together. It was a rather fun experience. Although right now after the update I'm having mixed feelings with it.

Anyways, I just wanted to send out an invitation open to everyone. Do you want to watch Anime together?


We wouldn't instantly go at it as strangers, having a short intro privately would do wonders. As for the spesifics:

Anime: Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu (optional)

App: Rabbit


Not much else to add eh.. Well, this be all! Send me a message if you're interested. It'd be fun!




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I have watched anime with a big group before. My wife and I often hang with our friends at parties a few times a year where everyone gets together and we all watch anime, and order or make Japanese food. Though sometimes we just do anime and pizza that has honestly been pretty regular. Far as streaming, or hanging together we all are sort of in different spots in the world so sadly that would not be easy. I would suggest in the future that you get to know a group and discuss this sort of thing via the PM system in the future. No worries on this though I see no problem with us holding a conversation about streaming parties just a little advice. :) 

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