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Make Senpai Notice You


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  • 4 weeks later...
9 minutes ago, brycec said:

Bring then Senko, the fox, to pamper them.

Yes please, that's just made me super happy :D xD 🤣

Let's not forget, she's 800 years old, yes 800 years old, so it's okay to get pampered by Senko 🤣


s... s... s... senpai, do you notice me yet? 🤣


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4 minutes ago, brycec said:

Take them to the Computer History Museum in Mountainview, California, so we can oogle for the advancement of computer tech.

That sounds like a lot of fun :D

I'd take them to a game development studio for a tour around.

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I would sneak into the coding department and make whatever game they are working unplayable, by having it crash from implementing any DRM scheme, unless the player gets it without DRM.

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