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Matsushiro Kouta has a crush on a pretty yet kinda cold classmate of his. Sasara, the self-proclaimed angel, appears for a sole purpose of helping him, but her love magic - activating after counting down from 10 to 0 by using specific methods - brings lots of trouble to the protagonist's life. Also, little does he know about his cute childhood friend's feelings and how Sasara is not the only angel out there... Hilarity Ensues.
As of now, this is actually my favorite manga title. It's a romance manga where the main character is a guy who ISN'T completely incompetent. However, before it is a romance manga, it is a comedy manga, meaning that it will take every turn away from romance as long as it ensures comedy. There are many titles that have done this in the past, and have created completely cliche characters in the process, but fortunetly, Countrouble is not one of them. I would really recommend this to anyone who likes a good romcom manga as well as anyone who is fine with a moderate amount of fanservice which is probably equivalent to Chapter 0 of Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai.

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