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Common Sayings



Common sayings, or proverbs, are wise sayings that provide advice about how to live our life. Every culture seems to have one. But proverbs are not always right...

"Two wrongs don't make a right". Heard this one many times before? I did, too. But I am going to call this one wrong. I remember a friend of mine from elementary school. She was always bullied, but she refused to get revenge. She was really nice, you know. But when she didn't take revenge, the goons began to become worse. The knocked her lunch tray out of her hands, and she was forced to be in Plate Duty, which means that you have to clean the plates after lunch is over. They snatched away her breakfast. They ruined everything she owned or made. They started spreading horrible rumors behind her back. I caught a hold of one of them, which told me that my friend had "made out with Jaime (a guy I used to know)". Seriously, we were in elementary school back then! But the bullying didn't stop there. They started spreading rumors to the teachers too. The teachers, being dumb, believed them. My friend moved away after I told her everything.

Now, if she had taken her revenge, she would've been fine. A girl told me that those goons bullied more people but stopped when their bullies stood up to them. They were very weak and crybabies, but they won't stop bullying you until you get your revenge. See what I mean?

The next one is "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". This one is very common. But this one is wrong too. When I was 7 years old and in Singapore, there was a woman I used to know. Her name was Adrielle, and she was the healthiest person I knew. She always ate fresh fruits and vegetables. She exercised everyday, and never drank alcohol or smoked. She was really nice too. One day, when I went out to take out the trash, Adrielle invited me inside to have some tea with her. She gave me delicious cupcakes to take home and told me to visit her again. But two years back, I heard that she had died of breast cancer.

But you tell me, why did Adrielle get breast cancer? She always ate fruits and vegetables, and exercised daily. She never drank or smoked. She was really healthy, and was ought to die at an old age, not at the age of thirty seven!

My point is that the person who made proverbs are idiots. The real life is not cliche, it's blood, sweat and tears. It's not some fairy tale/tail where you just do the nice things and live happily every after. It's not like that. In real life you have to take ricks and trust your instincts. Only in that way will you be able to get a happily ever after.

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You're absolutely right, you know, one of Abraham Lincoln's famous quotes says "Don't get angry, get revenge" and this is my life code. I sum up everything people do to me, I try to add to my mind as many plots as I can think of to have a decent vengeance, but most of the times I end up having mercy for them unfortunately, they didn't deserve it and I regret it often. That ended last year though, and I've been much more firm about this, I always take revenge on someone who's disturbed on purpose either me or someone I care for, that's the only language bad people understand (≧∀≦) .

About the second one, it's kind of yes&no... In fact having a healthy life does in fact help you live more comfortably and with less stress, less problems to care about ●﹏● but it does have its limits like everything in this world. You won't become immortal, and dying young is rare but it does happen because certain illnesses are very dangerous and often lead to death no matter how strong your immunitary system is ╥﹏╥ . But please do care about health, as it is literally what allows you to be yourself and show your ideas to the world.

Sayonara! (^∀^)ゞ 

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