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Sleepless Nights...



I'm pretty sure you had a sleepless night at least once in your life. If you didn't and you aren't a dead guy like @Wodahs-oto sama, well, I envy you and you're sure to have a sleepless night tonight. Moving on!

Sleepless nights are a pain in the butt. When you have a sleepless night and feel sleepy later in the day, well, anyone can get frustrated. Just like I am right now. I feel so sleepy that I'm practically yawning my head off. Anyway, sleepless nights. Sleepless nights. Sleepless nights. Sleepless nights. Sleepless nights. *keeps on repeating "sleepless nights"*

Moving on!

The reason people have sleepless nights is mostly because of high sugar intake right before bed or looking at your phone/computer/laptop/tablet computer right before bed. But there are times when you get sleepless nights from tension or when you think about something very...weird. Like sometimes before I go to bed I have a lot of weird thoughts. Sometimes i feel like I am the only on in this world who is real. Everyone and everything else is just an illusion. Whenever I think this way, yelp, hello sleepless nights! But sleepless nights aren't all bad. If you have had a sleepless night at least once in your life you'll be safe from the sleepless night I'll give you!

So just remember, if you haven't had a sleepless nights even once in your life, I'll make sure to give you one! Always remember, if you can't sleep and are having a sleepless night, just get out of your bed and do something extremely boring. Studies show that you feel sleepy when you do something extremely boring. Oh, and never take sleep pills without a doctor's permission. And one more thing, sleepless nights aren't the same as insomnia. Now, have a very sleepy night! Unless you've never had a sleepless night before, that is...:naughty:

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I hate those nights! For me, they are usually caused by anxiety or health complications. I remember one time I had a sleepless night due to pain (I had a torn tendon) and anxiety about the doctor appointment I had the upcoming morning. I did not sleep at all. What made it worse was that the doctor appointment I was having anxiety about? It was just as bad as I had been worried about. I was miserable so afterwards I just got a doughnut from my favorite local place. Though the pain didn't stop there. I was told to take Aleeve. Which I did, and it ended up causing me to have gallbladder attacks for a week, such terrible pain.

Sometimes when I'm so sick I'm delirious and feverish in bed unable to move but also unable to sleep, and those times I usually just have a movie on repeat to help get me through it.

However, the method I have found most helpful is if you can't sleep is to get up for a bit, do something distracting, and then go back to bed. Studies show if you can't sleep but you keep laying in bed that it will actually just keep you awake longer. So sleep specialist recommend if you can't fall asleep within 20-40 minutes to get up and do something else for a bit.

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As for me, the things causing my sleepless nights are neither of the stated causes above :) It is usually caused by things that are related to school like I have to study for the the upcoming exams on the next day or like I need to finish my research paper that is due the next day and so on. :D

And I also have to be honest that watching horror movies due to peer pressure that includes me getting tied to the arms of my friends can also cause me to have those sleepless nights. xD 

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This has only happened twice to me in my life, once because I was waiting standing still in bed waiting until I could play on the computer the next morning (I was 6) and one time recently, about a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't get something out of my head and it prevented me from falling asleep, the next day at school I was zombie-like.

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