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my letter ....

Anime loveer


 so ... when i was in middle school , i had an assignment where we have to write a letter to our future self or past self , i'm reading it right now and its kinda weird to me , and i'm just going to share it ... Readint it after 5 years


Dear Future Self 


Hi , I'm writing this because I wanted you to know something important . I want you to do good in the future , better than I am now . I can’t imagine what it's like to grow up, To go to high school and university, to graduate high school , and finish college. I just have  a few things I want to say ; a few goals I want to accomplish. 


I hope you’ve forgiven all the people who have hurt you, and I hope their pain doesn’t matter as much to you anymore. I hope you’ve filled your life with people who only lift you up, instead of the ones who constantly is being negative.


I want you to still like drawing just like today. Right now, I have been wanting to be an animator or a manga artist. So I hope you can achieve that goal . When you were little, You did drawing just for fun and just doodle around and never thought you would want it to be a career. One day you realize how good anime is and wanted to draw just like in the manga, so you started taking drawing anime more seriously.  


I also hope you keep in touch with people that help you and change you. They are important to you,through the good and the bad times. I hope you remind them of how important they are to you, and they’ll know how grateful you are for them.


I hope you can do better in the future and achieve my goals. I also want you to do better in high school and college. Take school more seriously then you are right now , get better grades and be more social. I believe that you can achieve what you want . After all “you can be anything you want to be “  If you decided to do something else for a career , please choose something you enjoy doing and not have someone else tell you what you should do and what you shouldn't do . No one else will tell you what to do. It's your life so choose on your own .


 Also , don’t compare to those around you . You are good in your own way .Some people are good at art and some in math. Everyone has something they are good at or special in their own way. Let’s first just going for the goal of getting good grades in high school and getting into a good university while continue drawing . Also always remember you have other hobbies as well such as playing the violin and playing badminton, get better at those too. Since you enjoy doing them , you should do them while not allowing your grades to drop, also when the time comes when you have a job and go to a good university you like, keep in mind ,you have dreams ; do not give up on them, and I hope everything will turn out well, I sincerely wish your  path will be one that you love and one that will never make you feel like you’re settling for less. I hope that between now and then, you’ll have learned a lot more and grown into an amazing young adult with a bright future. Be who you are and who you want to be. Be the best you . Most importantly, I want you to be happy and satisfied. I hope you’re content with your life and feeling free and on top of the world, and I hope you’re happy not only with life, but also with who you are.I believe that you WILL achieve your goals and I hope you will hav also new goals for life .  





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Awe, I like this inspiring message to yourself. Do you feel like you've stayed true to yourself and your younger self's goals? 

Are you in HS or College? I have these messages to myself - however they are definitely not as thorough as yours :)


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5 minutes ago, Nyxnine said:

Awe, I like this inspiring message to yourself. Do you feel like you've stayed true to yourself and your younger self's goals? 

Are you in HS or College? I have these messages to myself - however they are definitely not as thorough as yours :)



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 Awe, I miss HS bwahah, so much freedom and excitement to really define yourself. Although, I also know so many people who didn't like HS, just viewed it as another step to get out into the "real" world. 

I think is awesome to stop and self reflect. I hope you realize your goal of being happy :] but, don't get to caught up on the small stuff - work on things that make you happy. Explore the things you're curious about. Not sure what you want to do in the future for education, job shadow, talk to people, find mentors. 

I like how you wrote "don't compare yourself to others". I think that is really important to realize. :)

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I was reading a book called Lost Connections by Johann Hari (Highly recommend for people who are dealing with depression and want another insight on how to cope beyond drugs...or I suppose understand more of the environmental causes of depression), and one chapter actually discusses peoples fears of doing what they dream of doing. (His example was a man who wanted to open a fishing business or something along those lines) 😛 WRITE THAT GOAL DAMNIT haha @The History Kid

Have you been before at least?

I was a sad kid too =-= I think my journal would be quite depressing to read hahah

Although, I agree with you, it would be neat to write another self reflection. I have no clue what I would write....midlife crisis bwahah I don't know what my new goals are. 


ALSO - sorry, speaking of past writings, you guys should check out https://open.spotify.com/show/4ujhMZWw65aklkutNnwmJN its a podcast series called The Mortified and its basically people reading past entries to journals, assignments....they're cringe moments and its more comedy. If you're feeling nostalgic haha. 

(NOT SAYING @Anime loveer 's post was cringe. I'm saying mine would be so no offense to be made.


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