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Random Potato Talk#1



Anxiety, Depression and so on. Obstacles we often meet that we are meant to defeat. Ever since I was little I grew up thinking that if I'll just try harder I'll surely achieve everything. If I'll just give it another chance I'll over come it. But as time goes by I figured out that things won't really go that way. I figured out that life is brutal and no matter how many times I'll try opening boxes of rainbows storms will always come our way.

When life gives you lemons make lemonade. In every dark cloud there's always a silver lining. Just go with the flow. There's always a plan B.  These phrases are so easy to say and so idealistic but in truth it's hard to achieve and hard to do. When people are in  rough situations we close our doors and even our windows (if possible) for opportunities and other possibilities. We often focus on the hard part and disregard the fact that we can still do something about the problems we are facing. 

This blog entry is meant for people who have friends or family members that are experiencing Anxiety, Depression and so on. I implore everyone to please be mindful of what we say towards people who are experiencing depression and anxiety. We don't tell them "it's okay " or "everything's going to be fine" those phrases are already heard frequently and somewhat robotic. At the very least, we can do a better job in comforting them by being an ear they can talk to or a pillow they can hug or punch. :) We give advice ONLY when we are asked to. :)  


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Well said Rye very well said. I give this a BIG gold metal for this topic.:) I struggle with mental health issues  ever since I was 13 years old. I know how hard it can be and effect daily living. I also heard many times from many people over the years about "Its okay" or "Everything is going be fine" It's hard since I heard it so much to really feel better or really know it will all become better soon. But your right about the better job in comforting people who struggle with these stuff, and agree on "We give advice only when we are ask to."  Brilliant and well spoken. Thank you for writing this post and stay awesome and well Rye dear.

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Nice post, Rye. I am not really depressed, though I do have times when I feel down, but I too am tired of this mentality that positive outlooks will fix anything, so I do not go for that.

There is a blogger I found over on Tumblr who has suffered from depression and talks about it and one of the posts he made said that the phrase “you will not always feel the way you do now” has helped some people with their depression.

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1 hour ago, RyePotatoes said:

Awww  Arigato Sleepy Wolfy san! <3

You stay sugoii and well too <3

Your most welcome dear and thanks I will. :) 

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