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Random Potato Talk #2



When I was young, around 5th grade, my teacher asked the boys in our class about their thoughts on girls. One boy from the class (which I still know now on Facebook because he went on another school from me) said, "Girls are our Mums! They clean the house and take care of me." It was a sincere answer and I'm pretty sure he was able to say that because it's what he have witnessed in their own home. 

Women should be like this. Men should be like that. We all offer our each and own opinions on how Women and Men should be. Men should take her bae on dates, or give her a bunch of flowers with a bucket full of chocolates on every special occasions such as anniversaries, monthsaries, weeksaries and even daysaries (if possible) or men should never hold much more think about holding a hand against women or that men should be sensitive enough to care or in other words be a walking possession of women . On the contrary women are expected to be "untouched", a good cook who can do chores, a being that should never express her opinions; summing it all up, a walking possession of men.

Watching my Facebook feeds I see a lot of photos expressing gender equality which ONLY highlights the rights of women. Didn't anyone thought about the fact that Men should have their share of shout outs about their rights as well? I saw a guy once who helped this struggling lady with her heavy bags. In a moment I imagined and thought to myself if this said Gender equality exist then that guy could've left that lady struggling with her bags. He didn't need to go out of his way and help that lady. Let the girls carry their heavy bags. Let the girls settle fights with punches and kicks. If it's gender equality then it's every gender for themselves. 

Gender equality doesn't exist. We have to be honest that each and everyone of us whether you are a man or a woman, a girl or a boy, a lesbian or gay, we have our own opinions about each gender.  These opinions can't be changed with a single flick of a magic wand or a single blog entry that is made by a Potato online. It is not our rights that should be changed or implemented BUT our own mindsets. Let's take it easy with everyone. Let's put our standards about each other a little lower. :) 


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In my eyes, things have been this way for quite a while, because our elders have tried beating it into our heads that we do should do certain things, as well as ignore a few sets of data, in order to support their views.

Of course, the gender equality madness is also ruining things, as you say they do, because they forget how this world actually works, thanks to the illusion created by modern society, and they think they are oppressed or not treated fairly.

For me, I am not perfect in doing things for others all the time, but I do try help most people in a way I can, when I suspect something or they ask me to, regardless of their gender.

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This is a yet again another wonderful topic Rey. <3 Thank you for sharing and you are right about what all you said. Your posts are brilliant keep them up! I really enjoy reading them. :)

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