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RyePotatoes VS. Yuojo Senki



So the RyePotatoes VS. *insert anime names/ anime events/ etc.* Series is a series of blog entries containing my First Impressions and detailed reviews on certain animes :) This blog entry is intended to help AF's users to atleast get a bird's eye view of the anime that is being featured without worrying about spoilers!

Arigatou Gozaimasu for reading! :D 

Link of Yuojo Senki on MAL (just in case you'll feel like reading the synopsis) ---------------------------> https://myanimelist.net/anime/32615/Youjo_Senki

First Impressions

Judging from the photo that I saw on MAL, I was already having second thoughts on whether I would like the anime  or not because of the way it was drawn. (Yes, I'm very picky when it comes to drawings and graphics). For me, the Main Character was kind of weird having a very serious face with a small body attached to it so I was kinda having my own biases already just judging from the Photos. I thought the anime would seriously just be about Wars and smart tactical ideas from the Main Character. I kind of expected the Main Character to be different from other Main characters since she was already described in MAL as the "Devil of the Rhine" so I did expect some malevolent action coming from here and there. Hmmm, I did expect a not so happy ending though because I've been having a bucket full of Happy endings from the recent animes that I have recently watched. I noticed that the anime only have 12 episodes so I kinda expected it to be a Cliffhanger cause come on, nobody ends a war within 12 episodes with just 24 minutes each! 

What the Anime Really was

So the anime graphics was not a problem. I actually loved the graphics and how the anime was drawn. (Lesson learned: Don't judge an anime by it's cover) The opening song totally shouts evil in every beat, I felt eagerness laid on every note and kind of imagined bloodstains, gun powders and loud gunshots just by listening to the opening theme song. (Maybe I'm too imaginative? ) The main character was indeed evil in her own ways and was kind of different from other superiors you'll ever see in other animes. I mean, who would think about a subtle approach of killing your subordinates after not following your commands? Yes, that's how evil she is. The development of the Main Characters were also featured in the story and anime viewers will also see the humor and irony of having a female child in a war environment. What differentiates this anime from other war animes is that the anime is set in a 1700s kind of war with not so modernized guns and canons mixed with magic and flying armies. :D 



Recommended Comments

I remember watching this and the cover art did scream that it was dark, but I ended up liking it quite a bit.

It seems to be one of the few that I encountered with a protagonist that was not very likable, but still interesting enough follow and was fleshed out.

Of course, the series was pretty much mostly made to promote the light novel and does end in a way that says there is more come.

Also, we should not be judging anything by the cover. We might do it anyway, but it does not really tell you anything about what it is like.

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Sad thing is, it might only be through the light novel, since I am not too sure how well it was received in Japan, only that people like us liked it.

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That’s just how things are. I would like a second season too, and it might have one, but all we can do is wait and see.

Besides, many of the anime that quickly get announcements for a new season, with some exceptions, are actually pretty terrible.

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