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The How Am I Feeling Blog



Been feeling fine for the most part these past couple days. Nothing has really brought me down lately, sure I do get times where I do feel down but those times are not many nowadays. Nice to have met someone new today and talk all day with them that was fun!

School's been going well I guess too, kind of being lazy and not doing work which is bad because I won't pass if I don't do any work. Just a bad habit I have, still need to work on my sleeping schedule too that needs to be fixed. Health wise I'm good. 

I just thought I'd start with something simple before I get into other things. So yeah this is my first blog here. 

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Feeling fine is still good and better than not feeling alright at all, that's good as well your not always down too. It's pretty tough really at times for some people who are down a lot and we have to do out best to keep on going and take one day at a time, that's all we can do really to be honest. It's also wonderful for you to talk to someone new that's always a nice thing feeling and pretty cool that you met a new person that you could become friends with. School can be like meh whatever at times. I used to be lazy  in a way as well but managed it more and got through it and just bared with it. Once you finish school it can get better or you and also that sense of accomplishment can come into play because you finished school. ( that's what happen to me at least ) Then there is sleep which is  VERY important you get the proper rest when you can since it can effect you with your studies, health, and other things. Lastly that's really  good over all your health is doing well and nice to see your entry for your blog on here. I hope to read more of your entry's soon. Please take care and sending good and positive vibes your way~

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I'm happy to hear you've not been feeling as down lately! I have depression, so I can empathize on how hard it is to deal with those emotions or lack of any emotions. It can be hard to get motivated some days, but you can do it! 

Please keep us updated!

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It's a firm start in my opinion. Also, apparently you joined these forums the day of my birthday!

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Feeling a little down. Had to put down two of my animals this week luckily i have anime and friends. :) 

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